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GW: New Releases 12-5-2015 Pricing & Links

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Dec 5 2015


Chaos Reigns – Archaon’s Varanguard lead the charge anew in Warhammer: Age of Sigmar

via Games Workshop

Battletome: Everchosen (Limited Edition) $200


Fear the chosen champion of the Chaos Gods!

Strictly limited to 1000 copies worldwide, this beautifully presented Battletome features art prints, an incredible double-sided poster, a foldout art wallet featuring the story of Archaon’s battle with Sigmar and ten gaming counters embossed with the sinister symbol of the Everchosen.


The champions of the Ruinous Powers are powerful indeed, but all pale in comparison to one: Archaon, Exalted Grand Marshal of the Apocalypse. Riding his roaring daemonic steed Dorghar, he utterly dominates all who oppose him using the combined strength of the Dark Gods; at the command of his will, the forces of Chaos are united and sent out as a vast, swarming army to rend and destroy. The Varanguard, dread champions of darkness, ride out in a tide of crushing iron, annihilating their master’s enemies, while the Gaunt Summoners, bound to Archaon through his patient sorcery, plan the doom of entire civilisations through fell magick.



This 120-page, full-colour hardback book contains:

  • The incredible, compelling story of Archaon’s rise and triumph, with in-depth information on the Varanguard and Gaunt Summoners

  • An awesome eight-page fully-illustrated tale of Archaon’s battle with Sigmar

  • Three brand-new battleplans, inspired by some of Archaon’s greatest battles, presenting new and inspiring ways to play Warhammer Age of Sigmar that any army can use

  • Stunning photography of beautifully painted miniatures

  • Six Warscroll Battalions, covering Archaon’s chosen and his favoured mortal warbands of Khorne, Nurgle, Tzeentch and Slaanesh

  • Comprehensive information on uniforms, markings and colour schemes for every featured miniature, and guides to assembling lesser Chaos warbands sworn to Archaon’s service.




Battletome: Everchosen $58






The End Times Collection $165


Did you miss out on the exciting events that led up to the demise of the old World, and the dramatic, apocalyptic, cataclysmic narrative that changed everything forever? Fear not – here’s an opportunity to grab all five softback narrative books that made up the End Times – Volume I, Nagash; Volume II, Glottkin; Volume III, Khaine; Volume IV; Thanquol and Volume V, Archaon – in one package, and savour the story for yourself.


Please note, this is a set of narrative books only, and no rules content is included.

Varanguard $100


Warlords of incredible power and menace in their own right, the Varanguard have grown into creatures of immense cruelty over many lifetimes of merciless slaughter and conquest. Each individual Varanguard has led countless campaigns across numberless centuries, having risen through the ranks of Chaos upon a fountain of blood – they command the respect of mortal lords and kings, Daemon Princes and Daemon Kings, for when they ride into battle, it is at the bidding of the Everchosen alone. Their allegiance lies solely with Archaon, and the Three-Eyed King understands perfectly how to use their massive killing capacity. Where the Varanguard ride, subjugation follows.




This multi-part plastic kit contains all the components necessary to assemble three Varanguard Knights, sinister champions of Archaon. Each knight rides a daemonic steed – a barely-recognisable, twisted mutation of a horse covered in brutal armour. The kit comes with a hammer, an axe, a sword, three spears and three shields, six heads (three bare, three helmeted) and six shoulder pads – your emissaries of Archaon will look exactly as harsh as you want them to!


111 components in total, with three included Citadel 75x42mm Oval bases.

Everchosen Paiting Guide $20



This full-colour, 64-page softback book is the perfect guide for any and all wishing to do justice to their spectacular Everchosen models! It features clear, comprehensive stage-by-stage painting guides to the Gaunt Summoner, the Varanguard and the huge, imposing form of the Exalted Grand Marshal of the Apocalypse himself, Archaon.


The Swords of Chaos $465


Knights of Ruin $300


Battletome: Everchosen & Archaon $223



Codex: Orks (Softback) $41


Orks live for fighting. They fall upon their foes like an avalanche, a vast horde of barbaric green-skinned warriors wielding an assortment of crude but deadly weapons.

This 104 page Codex is the definitive guide to the Orks. It presents their unrelentingly brutal history and explores everything from their origins to Ork Kultur. It is also packed with full -colour pictures and full descriptions of each Ork unit, the rules for that units use and an army list. This Codex enables you to organise your collection of Citadel miniatures into an army worthy of the mightiest Warboss.

Chaos is running while this holiday season! And we get a surprise update for the Orks – always welcomed. The new Varanguard models look GREAT – but that price tag is as spikey as all those Chaos Horns on their armor.


The End Times – more like Chaos RULZ, amirite?!

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