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GW RUMORS: Specialist Games Begins

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Dec 15 2015


Here’s the latest word on what the new Specialist Games Team is cooking up for you GW Fans!

A source who spoke to BoLS on condition of anonymity reports:

“Specialist Games is forming thier team and beginning to lay out product roadmaps.

Look for an initial set of of 4 games to be developed concurrently:

This initial set will be released in sequence and each will get a regular seasonal release slot in future years.

Necromunda is slated for the first release.

The relaunched Necrumunda will be focussed around gang kits and new terrain kits designed especially for the new range.

Other existing lines and previous “recent successful boardboardgames” will be folded into Specialist Games purview and added into the rotation with the above four.


Thus we will see very regular product releases for Specialist games throughout the year, but there may be long intervals in between releases for any one system.”



I would assume that “recent successful boardgames” is a callout to Betrayal at Calth (Horus Heresy), and Space Hulk.  Execution Force seems like a complete game experience and not very expandable.  I can see Necromunda being a smash hit with retooled modern minis and that dreamed of 40K skirmish gameplay.


To me the big surprise on that list is Mordheim. Here is the official history of the damned city (via Lexicanum)

The ruined city of Mordheim is located on the border of Ostermark and Stirland. The city was destroyed at the stroke of midnight that marked the beginning of the Imperial year 2000 by a twin tailed comet that had been believed to herald the second coming of Sigmar. Thousands had flocked to the city to witness the miracle of Sigmar’s return, only to see the comet crash into the city and kill most of the people.


Shortly after the devastation it was discovered that the ruins of Mordheim were saturated with Wyrdstone shards from the shattered comet. Soon it was discovered that using Wyrdstone men could perform miracles: healing the sick, resurrecting the dead, and turning base metals to gold. This last use caught the interest of the rival claimants for the Imperial throne and soon the value of Wyrdstone far outstripped its weight in gold.

Mordheim was finally burned to the ground at the orders of Magnus the Pious and remains in ruins until the present.

You can see the big issue with explaining how the entire concept of Mordheim would work in the Age of Sigmar. But hey, if the Great Horned Rat could move Skavenblight to the Age of Sigmar safely, I guess one small city in the Empire infused with warpstome might behave strangely as well.


In any case, it looks like GW is up and running with staff and it going to be bringing us all a lot of Specialist Games on a very regular basis once they get up and running.

~I couldn’t be happier! Which one of those 4 would be your favorite and how would you update it for the 21st century

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