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HOBBY: The Bigboss’ week of blogging #59 – Sisters of Silence

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Dec 12 2015


This week I’ve painted nothing but addded yet more models in the mix! That’s the curse of plastic crack..

Hi! I’m Tommy from the blog bigbossredskullzI’m also on Facebook. Here’s what I’ve done this week.

The Beluga setting was getting so stretched that with the addition of Sisters of Silence I had to reorganize the blog series into a more general style. Don’t worry, it’ll be more miniatures in the style I’ve already made and I’ll try to surprise you once in a while 🙂

Sister-Excrutiatus Lyssa


Excrutiatus is a high ranking sister so this is the leader of the Violet Dagger hunting cadre my sisters will come from.

More pics and information on Lyssa.

Sister-Prosecutor Neith



Being a hunting cadre some vicious dogs fit well and I think these are probably as vicious as they come.

More pics and information on Neith and her cyber-hounds.

Heraldor Ceryx


Sometimes you just get an idea and need (I need at least) to make it a reality. This is one of those.

More pics and information on Ceryx.


The Road to Miniatyrspill NM 2016


I don’t know if you remember me planning a Tomb Kings army for the national miniature wargaming tournament in January but nonetheless.

Changes had to be made due to some RL matters reducing my hobby time drastically hence I’ve brushed the dust off of my Dawi Zhaar which I actually started my BoLS career with. The RL reason is nothing drastic or dramatic but life changing nonetheless. More on that here 🙂

That’s it for this week! Make sure you check out my blog regularly, I update several times a week!

59 articles so far. Who’d have thought that 🙂





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