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Inside the Box – Archaon The Everchosen UNBOXED

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Dec 7 2015


He’s finally here! Come see the long awaited Super Archaon model of the Apocalypse up close, in this week’s GW unboxing!

The new kit is HUGE, and everything about it screams I am a bad guy. Archaon’s sword the Slayer of Kings is as big as a Space Marine Terminator, his shield a legionnaire in power armor, and Dorghar his mount is one of the biggest beasts ever releases in plastic.

Archaon will surely be the centerpiece of any army he’s a part of, an impressive honor for a design that;s nearly THREE years old.

Archaon Everchosen $165

This kit contains all the components necessary to make one absolutely staggering, enormous, intimidating Archaon, the Everchosen. Covered in the gifts of the Dark Gods, he bears the Armour of Morkar, featuring numerous Chaos markings, inscribed with runes of warding and malice. His shield displays the symbols of the Dark Gods, and he clutches the Slayer of Kings. His vast winged mount, Dorghar, has undergone countless horrific mutations as he consumed souls from the carcasses of Archaon’s bested foes – huge wings, the faces of unfortunate Stormcast Eternals whose souls he has consumed embedded within his skin, three daemonic heads and twin tails.

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