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Missing For 3 Years: Is Slaanesh Legally Dead?

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Dec 1 2015



Archaon’s here and yet everyone can’t seem to stop talking about Slaanesh for some reason. What’s really up with the whole Slaanesh thing anyways?

I was trolling, er I mean checking Facebook today when I saw a post talking about why there was no Slaanesh love on the new Archaon model.  So I thought okay I’ll bite, let me go do some digging because one way or another I want to know whats up with the Slaaneshis.

sister of slaanesh cultist

Guess what? The last time we actually saw a real Slanneshi model was back in 2012! The Hell Striders of Slaanesh came out in October, and the Exalted Seeker of Slaanesh in July. That makes it nearly 3-1/2 years without ANY new releases for the god of Rock’n’roll.


Swan song for Slaanesh?



No Slaanesh End Times Minis

No Slaanesh AoS Minis

No Slaanesh 40k Minis

But every other god has gotten minis, so what gives GW?

How bout this:


Archaon’s Sprue – Copyright 2013!

Archaon was designed AFTER the last Slaaneshi minis were released in 2013 even. So GW has been sitting on him for nearly 2-1/2 years!!! Remember those big Archaon “multi-headed dragon mount” rumors from January and February 2015, well holler at your boy – here he is finally!

So has GW been trying to kill Slaanesh off for 3 years now? Hold up don’t answer that yet. Look here:



They are still pimping the Dark Prince’s symbol on this thing (last but not least at the very bottom of the stack), and even Archaon has a small little glyph for bling on his shield too.


Well like MBG said to the trolls:

“….another point I would like to make the heads of the steed are dead champions sent to kill him noticed there isn’t a dead Slaaneshi champion head? So maybe/really Slaanesh is missing or dead or not powerful? ….”

Pretty much makes sense.

It seems more and more that Slaanesh is fading away. Becoming something to be recognized only by veterans and existing gamers, with little to no visibility to new players. Now I’ll ask you again:

Has GW been trying to kill Slaanesh off for 3 years now, and if they are… WHY?


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