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Outside the Box 12-04-15

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Dec 4 2015


It’s Friday, so let’s dive into another issue of Outside the Box!Dark Age Games
New miniatures have been release:
–> More Dark Age Games News

Prodos Games
Mishima is getting some love again:
12341469_482819558556944_8277683648117032328_n–> More Prodos Games News

Wyrd Miniatures
Wyrd Miniatures presents the Fermented River Monks for Malifaux:–> More Wyrd Miniatures News

Spartan Games
The Halo: Fleet Battles Carrier Groups are now available:
555 444–> More Spartan Games News

New terrain in 15mm and 28mm scale have been released:
12274417_975067889231022_6921279043640704345_n12316105_975064059231405_894653479796124214_n12107721_975064702564674_8981788898814886343_n–> More 4Ground News

Ratgrad released their Vampyrum conversion set:
Rat_Vampyrum1–> More Ratgard News

Willy Miniatures
Willy Miniatures presents a new Dark Elf Assassin:
12313609_896238060453264_6917694976690414692_n–> More Willy Miniatures News

Customeeple offers an official Kings of War terrain range:
tavernfront minefront–> More Customeeple News

Perry Miniatures
New sets for the American Civil War are in the making:
12342436_788719257916849_8937121406232130166_n 12308539_788719251250183_6456373880567525928_n–> More Perry Miniatures News


Dust Models
New pictures of the Kondor troops:
12278825_1001889546518946_7007447990951358362_n 12311288_1003358686372032_1991693950567657321_n–> More Dust Models News

Scibor Miniatures
More dwarves fom Scibor Miniatures:
12342452_995355427174018_3145406163802930018_n–> More Scibor Miniatures News

New pictures of the Napoleonic French artillery (1812-1815):
2 1–> More Victrix News

AntiMatter Games
AntiMatter Games presents Cochi Dark-Eye:
+–> More AntiMatter Games News

Fireforge Games
The medieval Rus command group has been finished:
infantry_command_2–> More Fireforge Games News

Warlord Games
Plenty of new releases for the Ghar:
WGA-GAR-06-Ghar-Assault-Squad-b-600x477 WGA-GAR-05-Ghar-Outcast-Squad-b-600x600

And they published a first picture of the IS-3 for Bolt Action:
12278663_10152781148248039_5872725869834491451_n–> More Warlord Games News


Flytrap Factory
Flytrap Factory announced new Grot Rebels:
12313994_950116775077058_7670183749288001629_n–> More Flytrap Factory News

SPECTRE Miniatures
The DEVGRU and the deniable operatives are available now:
1662166b-5b89-4668-90aa-45881eac1cadf347438e-9f0e-4459-b8f2-4bfda9e0b1a0–> More SPECTRE Miniatures News

CNC Miniature Scenery
The cockpit of the Peregrine is coming along quite nicely:
12313776_420970508102373_5246997353066995989_n–> More CNC Miniature Scenery News

Khurasan Miniatures
New 15mm Late Cold War tanks have been released:
12346412_812961705478846_7675299663428359349_n 12345549_812961698812180_200161507776453304_n–> More Khurasan Miniatures News

Werewoolf Miniatures
Werewoolf Miniatures offers a very special christmas miniature:
12307587_1035098553229381_1332242517674729021_o–> More Werewoolf Miniatures News

Rubicon Models
Rubicon Models presents the sprues of the Sd Kfz 251 C:
12294739_1656108437975851_4142086734775255636_n 12313744_1656108421309186_2999968376845884505_n–> More Rubicon Models News

And offers a very special “seasonal fun pack”:
sn2015_750pix_1024x1024–> News

And the new Kickstarter campaigns for this week:
West Wind Productions – War & Empire Legions of Rome
Dragon Forge – Goth Tech Expansion
Harwood Hobbies – 28mm Cultists
Mindjammer Press – Mindjammer RPG
Rotten Lead – Imperial Skies Wargame
Zenit Miniatures – Kensei Undead

Always remember, if you want to stay up to date, head over to The Tabletop Fix for daily news about the hobby!

I wonder how the Khurasan tanks will fare compared to Battlefront’s releases…

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