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Outside the Box 12-18-15

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Dec 18 2015


Looks like everybody tries to get things done before christmas, so welcome to another massive issue of Outside the Box!Dark Age Games
Dark Age got some new releases:
DAG1408-Saint-Mary-MountedDAG1410-Flense-3–> More Dark Age Games News

Studio Giraldez presents new Symbiobeasts for Infinity:
12360360_1013628175364756_7132791319878864443_n –> More Infinity News

PlastCraft Games
PlastCraft Games announced a new ColorED terrain set designed for Malifaux:
index–> More PlastCraft Games News

Mantic Games
Dungeon Saga: The Dwarf King’s Quest is now available:
dungeon-saga-boxed-contents-sml–> More Mantic Games News

Perry Miniatures
Perry Miniatures published new pictures of their plastic French for the Battle of Agincourt:
12391947_794689510653157_6507577865108105377_n 11212701_794689503986491_8526604010703252631_o–> More Perry Miniatures News

Dream Pod 9
The Peregrine Gunship for Heavy Gear has been released:
Type 42 Peregrine Gunship Preview Web–> More Dream Pod 9 News

Wyrd Miniatures
New Large Arachnids are coming:

And the December releases have been announced:
Hog+WildWYR20713-LoneSwordsman –> More Wyrd Miniatures News

Ourlaw Miniatures
Two new Wild West Exodus previews:
12360202_780787928717185_6246671802825728997_n 12360190_780787862050525_2651423912468086422_n–> More Outlaw Miniatures News


Onslaught Miniatures
Onslaught Miniatures presents the 6mm Stygian Vampire Gliders:
12391355_546007512232815_1540141292558626664_n–> More Onslaught Miniatures News

GCT Studios
GCT Studio published a new picture of Misao, the Grey Rose:
misao_promo–> More GCT Studios News

Burn In Designs
Burn In Designs presents a new Victorian church:
11207318_1028615553827394_6773282536993962980_n–> More Burn In Designs News

Scibor Miniatures
Two new Polish Dwarves are available from Scibor Miniatures:
12341518_1000275650015329_3986644403007865576_n 12341390_1000275680015326_3701223496461754673_n
–> More Scibor Miniatures News

Warlord Games
A new range of pre-painted Bolt Action vehicles is coming:

And in time for the anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge, new Germans in winter dress:
WGB-WM-07-German-Grenadiers-Winter-b-600x60012347829_10152795368888039_262009362208405413_n–> More Warlord Games News

Fantasy Flight Games
More new ships for X-Wing are on the way:
swx52_spread x-wing-t-70_600px tie-fo-600px–> More Fantasy Flight Games News


Hasslefree Miniatures
Hasslefree Miniatures offers new resin masters:
A178Fostercomposite.211239 D031Boraxcomposite.204207–> More Hasslefree Miniatures News

Tor Gaming
Tor Gaming published new previews of their C’thu faction:
Cthuian_Warrior-Renders–> More Tor Gaming News

Greebo Games
Greebo Games announced a new “Un-Renaissance” team:
12316329_10206867932651270_4382061245134920807_n12313513_1307668252592532_1797305609474195249_n–> More Greebo Games News

Rubicon Models
Rubicon Models published new pictures of their Soviet SPG kit and of the crew for the Sd Kfz 251/22:
12341412_1659242387662456_7845335111795481546_n 12391855_1659963547590340_547482277245983624_n–> More Rubicon Models News

Campaign Books & Games Logistics
Finally somebody is making WW2 Romanians!
12366292_945867648826670_8773741312783305373_n 12342771_946804765399625_2635352800949863514_n–> More Campaign Books & Games Logistics News

And Age of Tyrants shows new 6mm Junkers infantry for Age of Tyrants:
12342363_624267771047534_3284370819509354529_n 10703761_626695314138113_4762753030678644771_n–> More Age of Tyrants News

Anfd there are still more new Kickstarter campaigns:
Wyrmwood Gaming – Dice Trays & Dice Vaults for Warmachine and Hordes
Wargames Bakery – Boomblastic: Booms & Blasts for Tabletop Wargame Nutters
Westfalia Fantasy Battles – The Halfmen Army
The Assault Group – Dwarf Empire Knights on Foot

Always remember, if you want to stay up to date, head over to The Tabletop Fix for daily news about the hobby!

This was the last issue of Outside the Box for this year, next week I’ll present you my review of 2015!


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