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Poe Dameron Stikes Back: X-Wing Champs Battle Report

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Dec 19 2015


Come see the top two X-Wing Miniature’s Champs lists in action and the tactics for each!

A Guest Article By Monty G:

Paul Heaver has done it again for time – he’s done the hat trick! Three years in a row this guy has been unstoppable. In this article we will go over the


Paul Heaver – Champion

  • Poe Dameron – Veteran Instincts + R2D2 + Autothrusters
  • Grey Squadron Pilot – Twin Laser Turret + BTL-A4 Title+ R3-A2
  • Grey Squadron Pilot – Twin Laser Turret
  • Bandit Squadron Pilot


Paul had said in a post tournament interview that he wanted to run a strong list this year. He also advised that you should always bring the much lamented stress bot Y-wing in your Rebel lists. Poe Dameron is also the new favorite, seeing as how he is in the top 2 lists of the Worlds tournament.

His action economy is amazing, and depending on his astromech choice, he can survive a lot of damage and keep dishing it out as well. Autothrusters and the Twin-Laser Turret continue to be seen in top lists also.



Nathan Eide – Runner-Up

  • Corran Horn – R2-D2 + Engine Upgrade + Push The Limit + Fire Control Systems
  • Poe Dameron – Veteran Instincts + Autothrusters + R5-P9
  • Prototype Pilot – Chardaan Refit


The classic Corran Horn was seen in this Runner-Up list at Worlds. It is interesting to see Push the Limit on him instead of the much used Veteran Instincts, but it’s all about catching your opponent off guard. I feel that with Corran stressing himself voluntarily, and having a Y-Wing stress bot  give him more led to his demise.

Even with the green maneuver economy of R2-D2, his dial will become limited and predictable. Poe Dameron is also seen here, being a top tier ship now in X-wing. This time he was the more common variant seen in the meta right now.

May the force be with you for Wave 8!

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