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Star Trek Attack Wing Wave 21: “The Denorios” Teased

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Dec 21 2015



RED ALERT Deep Space 9 Fans: A Bajoran Solar Sailor is coming soon.  Take a look at Wave 21’s “The Denorios”

Star Trek Attack Wing

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Here’s the basics on the ship:


Bajorans first traveled from Bajor to Cardassia, and established ancient contact between the two worlds. For many years the Cardassians disputed this claim, referring to it as a “Bajoran fairy tale,” because they refused to admit that the Bajorans had achieved interstellar flight before they had. However, Captain Benjamin Sisko and his son, Jake, inadvertently proved that the voyage was possible when they arrived in Cardassian space in a similar lightship. By a proclaimed remarkable coincidence, which Captain Sisko strongly doubted, the Cardassians announced that they found the remains of an ancient Bajoran lightship on Cardassia, thereby proving such an interstellar voyage was made.



The Denorios is a fragile ship that was not originally intended for Warp Speed travel. It costs only 12 SP, has a 1 Primary Attack Value, 2 Agility, 3 Hull and no Shields. Since it is not a war ship, the Denorios can only perform Evade or Scan Actions. To compensate for its low hull value, the special ability on the Denorios allows you to cancel one hit result when defending if you place an Auxiliary Power Token next to your ship. Much like when Captain Sisko and Jake took their famous flight, the question of whether you will survive the trip is based solely on your skill as a Captain. To fill that role, Akorem Laan is the Captain of the Denorios and his special ability allows you to field up to 2 Bajoran Elite Talent Upgrades.

Some sample included cards:




We want to hear from you Star Trek Attack Wings players.  What do you think of the game so far and what are hoping to see in the game’s future?

The Denorios is due out this month by NECA/WizKids.


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