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FW: Ad Mech Ordniatus Locked & Loaded!

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Dec 4 2015

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Big Guns Never Tire! Come see the newest weapon from the Adepts on Mars: The Ordniatus has arrived!

via Forge World




A rare and truly arcane weapon system of staggering power, the Mechanicum Ordinatus Ulator is of the smaller classes of Ordinatus, but nevertheless is one of the most potent war machines at the Imperium’s disposal.

In the time of the Great Crusade the Ordinatus macro engines were rarer than even the Battle Titans of the Legio Titanica, and only a handful of Forge Worlds had the resources or indeed the doctrinal blessing and religious authority to produce or maintain such embodiments of the Omnissiah’s divine wrath. Such was the sacredness of these machines above all others, that an entire subcult of the Mechanicum was devoted to their worship and propitiation.


The Ordinatus Ulator carries a trio of Volkite Culverins as its secondary armaments, but its primary weapon is the Ulator class Sonic Destructor. A terrifying weapon whose origins lie in the shadows of the Age of Strife, the Sonic Destructor generates a wave of annihilation that wreaks havoc across the battlefield.



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The Mechanicum Ordinatus Ulator is a Lords of War choice for Mechanicum armies in Horus Heresy games. It can also be taken as a Lords of War Choice by Adeptus Mechanicus: Cult Mechanicus and Skitarii armies in games of Warhammer 40,000 using the rules found in The Horus Heresy: Mechanicum – Taghmata Army List.


The Mechanicum Ordinatus Ulator is a complete, multi-part resin kit.


“Mechanicum Ordinatus Ulator is of the smaller classes of Ordinatus” – Wait, WHAT?!


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