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40K: New Eldar Farseer Brings The HEAT!

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Jan 21 2016



Farseer Bel-Annath from the Doom of Mymeara brings the heat in a unique & fluffy way – Come see the rules of the newest Eldar Character!


The new Doom of Mymeara Second Edition came out recently to little fanfare, however it contains what may be some of  the most game changing Eldar rules from 2015.


Inside the new Doom of Mymeara is not one but TWO Eldar rules sets that have breathed new life into the faction that has seemed to divide the 40k community since Codex: Craftworlds burst on to the scene last year.

Today’s feature is on their new Farseer model, who has quite literally been around the block. Have you ever wanted to mix one of the aspect warriors with a Farseer? Well this new character for the Eldar may just be what you would get!

Farseer Bel-Annath




Page 141 Doom of Mymeara Second Edition

If you’re looking for a decent all around support caster who excels at Damage output, Bel Annath comes stock with three great powers; Molten Beam, Fire Shield, and Doom.  While he does cost 50 points more than a normal Farseer, there is always something to be said for not having to roll dice, and just getting specific psychic powers.

Reliable getting Doom can really be a force multiplier when you think about the mass amounts of non D shooting the Eldar has always been able to put out.

Plus there is quite a few combos you can do with lowering cover saves from the 4+ he can cast with fire shields.

I also like his special Warseer weapon that’s a fluffy cross between a Singing Spear and a Fire Pike!


Overall Bel’annath is not as OP as some units in the Craftworld code but this he’s rounded enough to work with the pantheon of Eldar units out there – while taking nothing away in terms of tactics.


I’m not saying Fire Dragons, but FIRE DRAGONS!

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