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5 BIG Spoilers From The Balance of Power Campaign Book

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Jan 27 2016


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Come see Games Workshop’s Five big previews for the new Age of Sigmar Balance of Power Campaign Book.

War is coming to the realms of Sigmar, and this new book picks up right where the Quest For Ghal Maraz left off. The Celestant Prime is coming, Allies are rallying to the side of the Stormcasts, and Chaos, well is being typical Chaos it looks like.

Via Scanner 1-26-2016

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Could this be the end for a mighty champion of Sigmar?

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Lies and Half-truths!

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Keep an eye on UR-Gold!

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Slaanesh may or may not be dead, and it looks like someone missed them!

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Ultimate Powerrrrrrrrrrrrrr!


So the stage is set for the next episode in the Realm Gate Wars saga. Will Sigmar solidify his battle lines and push forward OR will Chaos once again triumph?

Should we look for a big expansion like this every quarter going forward?

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