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BoLS Overview: Frostgrave

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Jan 25 2016


Come take a hands-on look at the Fantasy Skirmish game storming the tabletop scene: Frostgrave – Fantasy Wargames in the Frozen City

Frostgrave hit shelves last year and it’s been causing a stir because of it’s great rule set and ease of getting started. All you need is some space to play, a couple d20’s, a few fantasy figures and a friend (or two) and you can get started! We picked up a copy of the Rules and were pleased with what we saw:

I was pleasantly surprised with the actual game play mechanics. It’s simple and straightforward – which isn’t a bad thing! And because everyone has access to the same pool of powers and mercs, you’ve got really great internal balance. Each of the Ten schools of magic offer there own advantages and disadvantages so there is some variation. It offers loads of customization and you could really build a characterful force based around a strong theme of the main Wizard.

It’s also built around a campaign system. This is both a good thing and a bad thing in my experience. I really enjoy campaigns – that sense of progression is great and it really lends itself to great story telling. But… it can also lead to a scenario where the winners just keep winning. If you’re on the losing side, it can really make you disinterested fast. My recommendation is to play short leagues or campaigns ( I like 4 weeks). I think this lends itself better to keeping players interested – but that’s just my experience with it, YMMV!

My only other comment about this game – which I still recommend, btw – is that it’s a little too generic. The rules are good, the mechanics are simple, and the game play is great if you’re looking for a Fantasy Skirmish game. However, it just doesn’t really grab my attention. Which is strange because I like the background and the art in the book – but I feel like something is missing. But for $25 it’s almost a no-brainer to pick-up! Especially if you have that itch of wanting to play a great Fantasy Skirmish game.

via Osprey

Frostgrave (Osprey Publishing) $24.95

Frostgrave Large Rulebook


Amidst the frozen ruins of an ancient city, wizards battle in the hopes of discovering the treasures of a fallen empire. In this fantasy skirmish wargame, each player takes on the role of a wizard from one of ten schools of magic, and builds his band of followers. The wizard’s apprentice will usually accompany his master, and more than a dozen other henchman types are available for hire, from lowly thugs to heavily armoured knights and stealthy thieves. Wizards can expand their magical knowledge by unlocking ancient secrets and may learn up to 80 different spells. While individual games of Frostgrave are quick and can easily be played in an hour or two, it is by connecting them into an ongoing campaign that players will find the most enjoyment. The scenarios given in the book are merely the beginning of the limitless adventures that can be found amidst the ruins of the Frozen City.

So what do you think? Have you played Frostgrave and what were your thoughts? Let us know in the Comments!

Author: Adam Harrison
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