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BoLS Unboxing: Relic: Halls of Terra

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Jan 1 2016


Behold the Halls of Terra Expansion for Warhammer 40,000: Relic – Check this out!

Hello again BoLS Readers, AdamHarry back with another unboxing and this time I have the Halls of Terra Expansion! We just covered the first expansion Nemesis, so go check that out first. But this is the latest expansion and it’s got some really cool Board-Expanding-Goodness to behold:

It is recommended you pick up the Nemesis Expansion first – all the rules to use the Nemesis figures in the Halls of Terra box are included in the Nemesis box. So it makes sense to pick them up in order of release! But this expansion does have that awesome new Halls of Terra section as well as new characters, threat, missions and corruption cards. It’s got TONS of stuff to change the way you play and keep everything fresh and exciting.

via Fantasy Flight Games

Halls of Terra Expansion $39.95


Play deadly games of Imperial politics in Relic: Halls of Terra! The quest to save the Antian Sector from Chaos takes you to mankind’s homeworld in the Sol System, where you must persuade the ruling powers of the Imperium to support to your cause. You’ll have to prove your worth in tough negotiations with powerful organizations such as the self-interested Imperial Nobility, the ruthless Inquisition, and the mysterious Adeptus Astra Telepathica on your way to stand before the High Lords of Terra and the immortal Emperor himself. But be warned: Imperial politics are just as dangerous as any battle inside the Warp Rift, and blackest corruption festers even in the heart of the Imperium.



Halls of Terra, the first side board expansion for the Warhammer 40,000board game Relic, is now available at your local retailer and in our online store.

A bloody interplanetary battle against heresy and Chaos rages in the besieged Antian Sector, threatening untold billions of innocents with unspeakable doom. In Halls of Terra, your quest to defeat the powers of darkness ravaging the Antian Sector takes you to the Sol System. There, you have the rare opportunity to earn the favor of the Imperium’s great ruling powers. You may even perhaps even stand at the foot of the Golden Throne and be named a champion of humanity by the God-Emperor himself. But you’ll find that Terra, too, is filled with perils and will test your Cunning, Strength, and Willpower to the utmost.

In addition to the Sol System side board, Halls of Terra introduces a host of new Threat cards, Missions, and Corruption cards to Relic. Three characters equally adept at combating the horrors of the Antian Sector and navigating the ruthless politics of Holy Terra join the game, along with a powerful new nemesis from one of Chaos’ deadliest legions, the Iron Warriors. Rules for initiating vicious skill duels against apotstate characters are introduced for the first time in the rulebook, downloadable from the Relic support section.


Even among Space Marines, the Imperial Fists are renowned for their uncompromising self-discipline and unquestioning steadfastness. Masters of siege warfare, heavy weaponry, and marksmanship, the Imperial Fists are always on the move, dedicated to bringing the Emperor’s justice to every corner of the galaxy. The Imperial Fists Terminator is one of the most deadly warriors you can play in the game. He not only begins the game with a strength of six, but his enemies’ battle rolls cannot explode against him, so he can fearlessly battle bloodthirsty traitors like Roghrax Bloodhand . His dedication to the Imperium allows him to complete a mission every third time he levels up, putting a Relic – and perhaps victory– easily within his reach.

Similarly devout and utterly devoted to the Imperium, the Sister Hospitaller can both take life and give it, working battlefield miracles to save the Imperium’s soldiers and slay its enemies. Any time during her turn she can spend a character token to reset another character’s life to its starting value and gain a completed mission – of course, resetting life could mean either healing a character or taking some of their lives away. Being a member of the sanctified Adepta Sororitas, the Sister Hospitaller also has opportunities to discard corruption cards as she levels up, purging herself of any taint of Chaos or heresy. Beyond these special abilities, the Sister Hospitaller begins the game balanced between Strength, Willpower, and Cunning with a skill bonus that will help her gain entrance to the Sanctum Imperialis and earn the Emperor’s favor.



The Sister Hospitaller rejects corruption, but the House Belisaurius Navigator exists immersed in it, her mind constantly open to the fluctuations of the Warp. With her third eye always watching the Astronomican’s bright psychic beam, the Navigator manipulates the Warp for her own benefit: she can discard any of her faceup Corruption cards to move the distance of its activation number, rather than using her movement result. As a level reward, she can draw a Corruption card and choose whether to activate it immediately or wait for a more opportune moment. Being a member of the Imperial Nobility, she also readily gains influence, which she can spend at the Great Crossroads of Luna to gain passage anywhere in the galaxy, and which she needs to navigate  the labyrinthine archives within the Imperial Palace.

The deadly politics and ancient glories of the Sol System await you. Pick up your copy of Relic: Halls of Terra today!

Remember – Get the Nemesis Expansion First! Then pick up this one so you can play as the traitor marine Roghrax Bloodhand in all his glory! If you haven’t played Relic or Talisman at all, you’re mission out – but now is a great time to get started. Not sure where to even start? Check out Warhammer 40,000: Relic – it’s the core game that this one needs in order to actually play.


You think the House Belisarius Navigator prefers The Spice or Warp Dust?

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