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Chaos RETURNS – New Daemons Spotted

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Jan 28 2016



Rejoice followers of the Dark Gods for they have blessed us with their devious minions once more! Come see the new Daemons and more!

Looks like the Daemon are back! Here’s the lastest on their new rules:

Via Astropate 1-28-2016


Here we can already see two of 10 new formations for Chaos Daemons.


1 Herald of Khorne or Skulltaker 6 (?) of the following: Blood Khorne guzzlers Khorne Khorne Slayers The rules of formation are too small to read them clearly, but one of them is something that takes effect within 12 “. Restrictions: None.


Gorethunder Battery

1 Herald of Khorne 3 Cannons Skull Training has three special rules . The first is called Bearers of War Khorne and refers to another page, so it is possible that it is a special rule also present in other units / formations. The second allows Cannons Skull shoot together. They have the same profile of the weapon, but they shoot with an Area Apocalyptic.

The third is unreadable.

Restrictions: The Herald can be put on Throne of Blood or Juggernaut.

Well that’s quite a surprise. Looks like it is Daemons and Space Wolves together for this release. Right now it is not clear if there will be Daemon releases, however it appears there will more more than just the Wulfen for release on the Space Wolves side.

We did see from late last week that their may be a decurion for the Daemons as well. That appears to not be in White Dwarf #106

Via Lucky Shot on Faeit 1-20-2016


“Space Wolves campaign book is called “Curse of the Wulfen”

Question is, will the new Space Wolves get the Kauyon type treatment of a Campaign book and a new codex?

Another post for ants?

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