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GEEKERY: The Knights of the Octagon

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Jan 22 2016
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In Russia they’re taking MMA fights back to the dark ages… welcome to knight fighting!

M-1 Global  is a mixed martial arts promotional organization based in St. Petersburg, Russia. They organize 100-200 matches per year. The public… and sometimes they host medieval combat complete with plate armor, chainmail, helmets, and swords.


They added the matches as bonus round between scheduled fights last August, and in response to the popularity of the fights they started M-1 Medieval. The first official match was held last April – seen above.

Fighters use blunt swords so they can’t lop off each others appendages, but, along with the armor, they are metal. As fights progress you can see dents in plate and helmets produced by metal on metal hits.

According to M-1 Global founder Vadim Finkelchtein:

“I think it is similar to MMA. The rules are similar: You can punch, strike and wrestle. The fighters have swords and shields, wear special clothing and all that looks really impressive and exciting.”

Fights are held in a standard MMA octagon and contain three-minute rounds that are overseen by five judges. Sword hits to the armor are worth one point, and takedowns are worth three points. Submission holds and hits to the spine/neck/ankles are not allowed for safety. A KO can be achieved when a fighter is knocked off his feet and finished using three precisely placed hits to the midsection or helmet.


Look interesting? Check out the organization’s Facebook Page for news, videos, and more.


Would you get into the ring for a knight fight?

Author: Mars Garrett
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