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Mantic: Kings of War Supplement: Destiny of Kings

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Jan 6 2016


Mantic shows off some of the new stuff in the upcoming Campaign Supplement for Kings of War: Destiny of Kings!

Get ready all you Kings of War fans – Mantic has some great news for you. Not only are you getting a new campaign supplement, you’re also getting a bunch of cool new heroes to join the fray along with some extra goodies, too! Here’s what Mantic has to say:

via Mantic Games

Destiny of Kings

Kings of War Mortibris

Taking centre stage is a new chapter in the Kings of War and Dungeon Saga world. Mortibris has moved on from Dolgarth and now threatens to destroy the world of Mantica as we know it. Leading a combined force of Undead and Abyssals, he marches on the civilised world.

Standing before him are the free peoples of Mantica, including the Legendary Heroes of Dolgarth themselves. This is the Quest of the Necromancer campaign, and everything you need to know to play through it are included in the book.


The war is fought of a series of several linked battles, whose rules can be used for either the armies specifically stated or any forces of your choosing. Each one is simple, yet tactical – giving you and your opponent a new set of challenges.


There’s also a new scenario for Dungeon Saga, as four masters of evil infiltrate a Dwarf Hold to retrieve a powerful artifact.


Finally, there are full, balanced rules for fielding the Heroes of Dolgarth, the necromancer Mortibris, the terrible Ba’el and the mighty Valendor in your games of Kings of War.

In addition to the narrative campaign, the book contains an additional six scenarios – similar to those in the campaign, but each set to their own theme. You can make a valiant last stand, protect a valuable baggage train or try to break through and enemy stronghold. Each of these can be used with existing armies, so there are hours of games for you and your friends to enjoy. On top of all this, there are also revised rules and guidelines for playing your own campaigns.


We’ll be running a global campaign using these rules in the summer, so you have until then to muster your forces. Will you side with the forces of good? Or will you bring ruination to the world with Mortibris’ Legions? Will your army be led by Legendary figure such as Rodin or Ba’el, or will you carve your own legends in glory? Choose your side now, for the Abyss is opening and the world will change.

I love the direction this book is taking. Expanding the World of Mantica and filling in more of the history as well as moving the narrative forward is exactly what Kings of War needs to stay fresh. The addition of new heroes (and armies) is a great touch. The fact that this book will help tie together Kings of War and Dungeon Saga is also a smart move on Mantic’s part. What better way to get new players interested in the tabletop war game than by introducing them via a fun board game!



I’m a sucker for a good campaign…

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