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Raven Guard, Duardin, & Chaos – WD 104

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Jan 24 2016


The Primarch Corax has stepped out of the shadows along with his merry men, plus new Dwarves, Chaos and more! Get your first look at White Dwarf 104 NOW!

Another White Dwarf is here, packed with new Warscrolls for the Duardin, showcases for Chaos Daemons and Seraphon, and of course the big news on the lastest Chaos for Age of Sigmar.

Throw in another Paint Splatter article on the colorful Dwarves, plus some hot previews of the Raven Guard, and we’ve got our selves a nice little White Dwarf issue.

corax preview

White Dwarf 104 $4



White Dwarf 104 arrives and with it two of the mightiest heroes of the Fyreslayers! The Grimwrath Berzerker and Battlesmith are mighty heroes of the Duardin, and we’ve got the complete lowdown including full warscrolls and a Paint Splatter for the Grimwrath Berzerker.



We take a look at starting a Daemons of Khorne collection in Legion of Blood and look at a stunning Seraphon army (an upcoming Army of the Month, no less) in Children of the Stars. All that, plus the latest from Black Library and Forge World, and still yet more in The Week in White Dwarf.

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