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40K: The Eldar’s Newest OP Wargear – REVEALED

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Jan 13 2016


The Doom of Mymeara Second Edition came out recently to little fanfare, but it contains what may be f the most game changing Eldar rules from 2015.  



Inside the new Doom of Mymeara is not one but TWO Eldar rules sets that have breathed new life into the faction that has seemed to divide the 40k community since Codex: Craftworlds burst on to the scene last year.

Today’s feature is on a little piece of wargear that can be taken depending on how you kit out the HQ choice Corsair Prince from the Corsair Raiders army list.  The Corsair Raiders list itself is similar to how the Harlequins are organized, so keep in mind you can’t just put a Corsair Prince into a normal Eldar Craftworlds detachment.


So if you elect to make your Prince a Traveler of the Forgotten Paths, then you can take this great piece of Wargear for 25 points that lets you drop webway portals that units in reserves can come through during the shooting phase from the same detachment.


The Multiphase Key Generator is particularly good for several reasons:

  • The first is the fact that you can deep-strike the prince himself during the movement phase, and then drop the portal off of him two phases later in the same turn, making for a fun alpha strike ability.
  • Secondly you can take it on more than one character in the detachment for 25 points as well to all for tactical redundancy.
  • Third, there is a new Eldar psychic power Webway Breach that let’s you put your units BACK into ongoing reserves (and one Webway Maze that also let’s you banish enemy units into ongoing reserves as well).
  • And last you can ’embark’ into the webway as well. This piece of wargear is indeed a two way street!

Now at first I was worried because it allowed all non vehicle units to deploy in this manner, so obviously the Wraithknight became a HUGE consideration. However the Corsair raiders do not have access to any wraith constructs, so the best they can muster to press home this advantage seems to be scat jetbikes and several versions of heavy weapon teams.

That being said, you can also use the Multiphase Key Generator to bounce around units on the table top- whisking them away from the jaws of the enemy in the psychic phase, and dropping them back down onto the battlefield in the shooting phase.

Well that is of course depending on how you interpret how ongoing reserves (pg. 136 BRB) works with the MKG between the “may” and “must” wording on each – from what I remember codex books take presence over the main rulebook when it comes to priority.

However either way this tactic is still solid even if you have to wait the full turn to bring them back in when they are “eligible” to move on from reserves.

Tricksy tricksy Eldars…

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