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The Walking Dead: Ronnie Talks Gameplay Basics

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Jan 6 2016


Ronnie introduces Mantic’s new game The Walking Dead: All Off War in a new video you will want to see:

Mohawk Zombie

Here’s the latest from Mantic:


“I’d like to proudly announce that Mantic will be making ‘The Walking Dead Miniatures Game’, titled ‘All OUT WAR’, under license from Skybound Entertainment.

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OK, so Ronnie spilled some of the basics:

  • It’s a multi-faction game.
  • Each player controls a gang.
  • You will be fighting gang vs gang for scarce resources.
  • The Walkers are a threat to all players.
  • Character Cards are featured for a wide array of minor and major characters.
  • Gang construction rules ensure it will be very rare to have identical gangs created or face each other in any any two games.

~Have at it!

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