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Warlord: New C3 Squads for Gates of Antares

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Jan 2 2016


Start your New Year off with some New C3 Models from Warlord Games – It’s time to play some Gates of Antares!

Warlord Games just released a TON of info and new sets for you to start a new C3 Army. If you were looking to get started with the New Year, it’s a great time to jump in. From the Super fast Interceptors to the Strike Troopers and also great boxed sets – the C3 Faction is calling for your hobby time:

via Warlord Games

Interceptors form part of the Concord’s Strike Forces, the most advanced and most lavishly equipped fighting formations in all of Antarean space.

Interceptor Squad

Interceptor Squads ride high-speed Interceptor bikes that enable them to rapidly deploy in situations where convention transporters would be easily identified and destroyed. Their chief advantage over other troops is their incredible speed, making them ideal reconnaissance units where closed-down communications render it impossible to delay remote drones or other means of distant observation.

C3 Interceptor Squad box 2

Interceptors are buoyed upon and propelled by their own suspensors. Like most machines of Antarean space the bikes are autonomous drones in their own right. They are equipped with hyper-light boosters, which intensify and redistribute the armour field worn by the bike’s rider, enabling them to more easily shrug off enemy fire. When it comes to offensive armament, Interceptors are fitted with twin plasma carbines, but can substitute this formidable armament for a punchier plasma lance capable of puncturing more heavily armoured targets.

Interceptor Squads are often accompanied by a compactor drone, which can be used to carry the unit’s bikes or as a means of carrying other mechanised drones into combat.


Contains the following resin and metal models:

  • 1 C3 Interceptor leader with plasma carbine riding Interceptor bike with twin plasma carbines.
  • 2 C3 Interceptor troopers with plasma carbine riding Interceptor bike with twin plasma carbines.
  • 3 Plasma lance upgrades.
  • 1 Concord Spotter Drone.
  • 1 Orders Dice.

Out today, to expand your Concord armies, come the strike troopers with the feared plasma lances and scout probes to hunt down your enemies!

C3 strike trooper with plasma lance advancing

C3 strike trooper with plasma lance advancing

The plasma lance – or heavy plasma carbine as it is also known – is a larger and more powerful version of the plasma carbine calibrated to give a third very potent shooting option – lance. They are used as a back-up weapon in Concord C3 infantry units. The plasma lance is larger and bulkier than a standard plasma carbine and calibrated to deliver a single highpowered plasma bolt. This gives the weapon the capability of dealing with heavily armoured or highly resistant targets.

C3 strike trooper with plasma lance firing

C3 strike trooper with plasma lance firing

The plasma lance’s extra hitting power is gained at the expense of range, but in other respects the plasma lance has a comparable performance to the regular carbine, although it’s less accurate in lance mode. Concord drops squads always include a plasma lance armed trooper, whilst strike squads can be issued with them if needed.

C3 Scout Probe Shard


A scout probe is a spotter drone operating as part of a probe shard rather than as a buddy drone. As such it is free to wander over the battlefield. A scout probe can act as a second pair of eyes for nearby spotter drones, allowing overhead firing weapons to handily patch sight through it.


Strike Squads form the core of the Concord Combined Command’s armed forces wherever they are deployed.


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Strike Troopers are amongst the best-equipped fighters in all of Antarean space. They carry multi-function plasma carbines capable of punching a hole through most armour or shooting rapid bursts of deadly plasma bolts. Strike Troopers are protected by invisible hyperlight armour suspended from the nano-cored casing of their battle suits. This advanced armour provides complete atmospheric isolation as well as effective shielding against enemy weapons. Strike units are often accompanied by small buddy drones, such as spotter drones that act as the unit’s ‘eye in the sky’ feeding vital targeting information into the squad’s sophisticated combat shard.

Strike formations are often accompanied by units of C3D1 Light Support Drones. These lightly built drones are self-sufficient fighting machines that are ideally suited to the mobile support role. They are armed with plasma light support weapons, which are easily capable of dealing with even relatively well-protected targets. Although not as heavily armoured as larger drones, their composite skin and reactive kinetic shields enable them to withstand hits from most light arms.


C3 Strike Squads & Support Drones is available for pre-order now and contains the following multi-part hard plastic models:

  • 2 x C3 Strike Squads. Each squad includes Squad leader with plasma carbine and x-sling, 4 C3 Strike Squad Troopers with plasma carbines (1 may be upgraded to a plasma lance) and 1 spotter drone.
  • 2 C3D1 Light Support Drones with plasma light support or subverter matrix and 2 C3 Spotter Drones.

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Expanding your range for the PanHuman Concord:


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What are your Gates of Antares plans in 2016?


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