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40K: New Wulfen Images & Spoilers!

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Feb 2 2016


If you were on the fence about how the new Wulfen models looked, come see these new images and spoilers for the lost 13th Company.

via Scanner 2-2-2016

Copy of 12637067_10153438219458546_840425142_o

Copy of 12632985_10153438219423546_861136721_o


12636962_10153438219548546_2000079786_o - Copy (2)

I know for a lot of people may have rushed to judge these guys harshly from their first pictures, and yes they did resemble the Ginyu force from DBZ just a little….



However since seeing the new pictures though I’m digging them. Overall I think they look very lithe and nimble with their huge truck-a-saurus paws, but like with the old 13th Company models, the studio mixes just the right amount Astartes back into the overall look to sell it as a Space Marine. Plus with the plethora of weapon options there may be a near unlimited amount of poses to choose from. Don’t miss the “Predator” style Grenade launcher on the backpack either.

Clocking in at $60 for five I think this kit looks great, comes with a robust amount of components, and will be a “beast” of a unit on the table top!

Checkout the rest of the Wulfen pictures below:

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