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40K Rules Conundrum: The Invincible 500 Point Rhino!

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Feb 17 2016



Come see the crazy free upgrades you may be able to get for your vehicles by using the new formations from the Curse of the Wulfen supplement!

It’s that time again, and new 40k rules are here! Whenever new books come out for Warhammer 40k we love to take a closer look at anything you should be aware of before you step up to the tabletop or store register.



This article is rated: Do Not Try This On The Tabletop!

We not to advocate any of these antics we talk about in here, it’s to educate folks as to what ”that f-ing guy” can do, and thusly something you may see on the tabletop.

Inside the new supplement there is a new formation called the Iron Wolves, that let’s you get free wargear and weapons for your vehicles that you take in this formation.




Checkout the wording on Overwhelming Firepower. Now the question is, what is a wargear option? According to the BRB they may just be “upgrades”.



And if that’s the case and wargear like Dozer Blades, etc are “upgrades”, and upgrades are free for vehicles taken as part of the Iron Wolves formation then what else *could* they take?

Well we didn’t have to look far for an answer that question, as there are some very interesting upgrades available in Imperial Armor Two: Warmachines of the Adeptus Astartes.  In the back of the book there is a huge selection of  upgrades called “Legacies of Glory” which may all be legal to be take on one vehicle per the Overwhelming Firepower rule above in an 1850 army.




If that’s the case, then you can add about 430 points these to any vehicle in this formation plus of course the other things you can also take like dozer blades etc.

Granted that’s probably not exactly rules in as intended, and it’s very improbably that a single vehicle even fought on all of those battlefields in the Age of Darkness, much left survived 10,000 years to benefit from it.

What say ye? Whats the limit on this new special rule; upgrade, wargear or none of the above?

I was there when Horus killed the Emperor…

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