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BoLS Unboxing: AVP: Predators & The Predalien!

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Feb 5 2016

AVP Spread

Check out the new Retail/Shipping options from Prodos Games’ boardgame Alien vs Predator. It’s the Predator & Predalien!

Hello BoLS Readers, AdamHarry here with some more goodies to unbox. Today I wanted to show off the latest miniatures from Prodos Games for their action packed AVP: The Hunt Begins Boardgame. We have a bunch of these models but I wanted to start with the Predator and the Predalien because they are my personal favorite part of the franchise. What can I say – I love 80s action movies and Predator is on my go-to watch list when I need a movie on for background noise while painting/modeling. So ya – I’m playing favorites…Now: GET TO DA VIDEO!!!!!

Other than the “extra” space in the miniature shipping container – I really have nothing negative to say about these models: They’re GREAT! The models are resin – I checked after I made the video – and the detail really shows. The Predators are the same ones we’ve seen in the Board Game box that we opened up. Is it cool if I quote myself here:

There are the Predators to contend with for “Coolest” miniatures in the box. There are only 3 Predators (which fits if you know the background of the Predators) and each one is modeled with one of the iconic weapons from the movies: A Spear (Combi-Stick), that disc-thing (Smart-Disc), and the shoulder mounted Plasma Caster. Oh and naturally they have the wrist blades. Can’t forget those… They are also super finely detailed. They have that netting/mesh we see them wear in the movies and the armor plates look pretty sweet as well. That one without the helmet is one ugly mother…


I think that sums it up pretty well. These are the same high quality miniatures and the detail is great. I WANT to see some of you very talented hobbyist and painters to take a crack at them because I think the results will be amazing!

As for the NEW stuff: The Predalien is just as cool! It’s only “downside” is that you only get the one in the box. But is certainly bulkier than it’s xenomorph cousins. It’s also got the face mandibles so you know it’s got that green Predator blood in it’s acidic DNA! It’s also a beat-stick on the board so it’s got that going for it, too!


AVP: Predators £ 30.00

AVP Predators

Regular hunters, ruthless killers.

Set contains:

  • 3x 32mm scaled miniatures

  • 3x plastic bases

  • 3x ping tokens

  • 3x stat cards



AVP: Predalien £ 10.00


Even mightiest hunters fall and become Alien’s prey. Those who are unlucky and live are used to breed terrifying hybrids Predalien is a Xenomorph spawned from a Predator host. It is the death that nearly all Predators fear, allowing themselves fall victim in such a way is deemed a dishonorable death.

The Predalien is much larger and stronger than the human-spawned Xenomorphs and appears to hold no role within the Hive and instead acts independently hunting and killing until Death!

Predalien AVP 2

Box contains:

  • 1x 32mm resin miniature

  • 1x ping token

  • 1x plastic base

  • 1x stat card


So there you have it AVP Fans. Comeback next time for more AVP: The Hunt Begins Action. Here’s a hint: This Hive only has one…and she’s a real “B” … as in Beast.



Author: Adam Harrison
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