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DC HeroClix: Superman & Kingdom Come Team Ability

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Feb 1 2016



WizKids points you to a glimpse of the latest version of Superman and a big rule change from the imminent World’s Finest expansion.

Today we take a look at the “Kingdom Come Team” ability and how it has changed for the game.  The ability change applies rretoactively to all modles with it, but the new models produced in the World’s Finest expansion already have the updated text on thier cards.

via Wizkids

Here’s a sample Chase #061 Superman with the new updated ability (see card text)



Here’s the basics on Kingdom Come Team:




Kingdom Come:  Whenever an opposing character given an action attempts to move from a non-adjacent square into a square that is adjacent to a character using the Kingdom Come team ability, it must roll a d6. On a result of 1-2, the opposing character cannot move to any square adjacent to the character using this team ability that turn. Characters using this team ability ignore them on opposing characters.


Kingdom Come: When this character would be hit by a ranged combat attack, if the attacker doesn’t have Kingdom Come team ability, you may roll a d6. On a result of a 5 – 6, this character evades the attack. Uncopyable.

With this change, the team ability now allows a character using this team ability to possibly evade being hit by a ranged combat attack by rolling a 5 or 6 on a d6 roll if the attacker doesn’t possess the Kingdom Come team ability.  While this is similar to the standard defense power Super Senses, it is not granting the character Super Senses— this means that a character with Kingdom Come team ability that can also use Super Senses now has two chances to evade a ranged combat attack.  However, this is an evasion effect so game effects that trigger off of evasion effects (such as Precision Strike) will still work against this team ability.  The team ability is also Uncopyable— this means that it can’t be copied by a Wild Card.

This change is effective immediately and the official ruling for the most recent printing can be found on the WizKids Rules Forum here.”


~World’s Finest hits the shelves February 10th! 


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