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FFG: Dark Heresy: Enemies Beyond Now Available!

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Feb 7 2016


The latest book for the 40K RPG Dark Heresy “Enemies Beyond” is in stores NOW – Creatures of the Warp await…

Fantasy Flight Games has launched the Dark Heresy RPG into the realm of the Warp with the release of Enemies Beyond. If you’ve ever wanted to read-up on the four ruinous powers and the struggle against them this is the book for you.

via Fantasy Flight Games

Enemies Beyond $39.95


The Imperium fights in a time of constant war: there are countless threats to humanity’s continued survival, and more arise every day. Heretics and mutants infest the most populous hive planets, spreading their evil in dark places far from the Emperor’s light. Xenos races attack from every edge of the galaxy, expanding their foul empires and mocking the order and justice that flows from the Emperor’s throne. Yet perhaps the greatest war is the war that must be fought in secret, against the Daemons and the powers of Chaos that live within the Warp. Mankind uses the Warp daily for both travel and communication; if the true nature of the Warp and the beings that dwell within were to become known, civilization would surely descend into anarchy.


Enemies Beyond is a supplement for Dark Heresy Second Edition that pulls back the curtain on the unending struggle against the Warp and the creatures that spawn from the Immaterium. Here, you’ll find details on all four of the Ruinous Powers, their preferred tactics, the peculiar natures of their Daemons, and their plots to bring ruin to all Mankind. You’ll also gain access to exclusive new weapons to battle the Daemonic threats, as well as new character creation options, including new home worlds.

You can become an Acolyte serving with the Ordo Malleus—those tasked with protecting the Imperium from the daemons of the Warp. Here, you’ll find new Acolyte options allowing you to play as an Exorcised character or a powerful Astropath. Gazetteers offer information on the Daemonic threats to the Askellon sectors, introducing new types of worlds such as Penal Colonies and Daemon Worlds. The GM will even find rules for creating his own Daemon Princes, details on the rites of possession and exorcism, and guidance for crafting the Acolyte’s adventures with the Ordo Malleus!



Ultimately, there are  two types of Daemonology practiced in the Imperium. Sanctic Daemonology allows you to turn back the creatures of the Warp, banishing their presence or increasing your prowess for battle against these spawn of evil. The other tree of Demonology is known as Malefic Daemonology—regarded by some as the most profane sorcery. An Acolyte practicing Malefic Demonology could rightly be considered a heretic, but the power may be invaluable and life-saving in your fight against the Warp!

This book is a must have for Dark Heresy players. With all the options included it sounds like it a great way to take your game to the next level… Maybe even the end level. If fighting off a Demon Prince sounds like a challenge your crew is ready for – get this book!

So what do you think? Is the risk worth the reward? Enemies Beyond certainly feels like it has the types of characters a gambler would appreciate. That dark pact with Chaos sure sounds promising…until your luck runs out.


Tapping into chaos powers couldn’t be THAT bad…right?

~Last words of Inquisitor Zeke Brightmoore


Author: Adam Harrison
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