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New Iron Warriors Rules – The Tyrant’s Bodyguard

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Feb 11 2016



Bigger than a Dreadnought, and even harder to kill. Come see the Iron Circle’s new rules – the robot bodyguards for the Iron Tyrant!

The Iron Circle were the robot Automatia that were assigned to Perturabo during the heresy.  Now they have both rules and models, and the Iron Tyrant himself can even join them in battle!

Via Battlebunnies 2-6-2016

Here are some pics of the Iron Circle. These are about the size of Castellax.

iron-circle-2 iron-circle-1

And their rules from Book IV: Retribution

Via Bulbafist 2-6-2016



Wow these guys may not do too much from range, but they’ll get there. And then they do….. MURDER. From their brutal charge rule to the graviton maul, none shall escape their wrath. Plus Perturabo can join them as well, for extra murder!

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Lock shields and prepare to smite all those oppose the Olympian will!

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