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40K Conquest: What Lurks Below Out NOW!

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Mar 18 2016

whk12_preview2 Black Templar

The Fight for Sacaellum heats-up with the latest War Pack for Warhammer 40,000: Conquest – What Lurks Below!

The Space Marines get some new Planet Swapping tricks and a Big Beefy Black Templar’s Dreadnought to hold down the fort. Here’s the latest from FFG:

via Fantasy Flight Games

What Lurks Below $14.95



The battle for Sacaellum grows fiercer and more dangerous with every passing hour. Though the legions of Chaos have long since deserted the ruined space hulk Kaerux Erameas, a new army is stirring in the darkest depths of the hulk. Genestealers pour out onto the battlefield, reveling in the carnage, as the Dark Eldar Kabalites take slaves and the Tau fight alongside human auxiliaries. Lead your chosen faction to victory with What Lurks Below, a new War Pack for Warhammer 40,000: Conquest that’s now available at your local United States retailer and online through our webstore!


What Lurks Below adds a new chapter to the story of Sacaellum as new armies join the fray. A new Tyranid warlord empowers all of your Genestealer units, allowing them to strike from ambush with deadly effect. Meanwhile, new cards for every faction lend new significance to each planet’s type beyond merely achieving victory. Whether you play as the Eldar or the armies of Chaos, your armies become much more effective when you fight for planets that align with your goals. 



Two of the new Space Marines cards introduced in What Lurks Belowoffer you the chance to interact with the planet cards in completely new ways, opening up a new level of control over the flow of the game. The first Space Marines card is the massive Sword Brethren Dreadnought (What Lurks Below, 76). This powerful Black Templars Vehicle is a formidable force on its own, boasting significant ATK, HP, and command presence. The Sword Brethren Dreadnought also shares the Black Templars specialization—Unstoppable.


The Space Marines also gain an event in this War Pack that can do more to hinder your opponent’s plans for victory than almost any other card. To win a game of Warhammer 40,000: Conquest, you must either kill your opponent’s warlord or collect three planets that share a common symbol. If your opponent wants to collect a set of planets, you can use Declare the Crusade (What Lurks Below, 77) to immediately destroy your opponent’s hopes. After you win a planet at any blue tech planet, you can play Declare the Crusade to choose another planet in play and a planet that has been removed from the game. Then, you switch those two planets! Whether you use this card to improve your own chances of getting the planets you need or to ruin your opponent’s hopes of achieving victory, this event can certainly find a home in the Space Marines’ arsenal of tricks!


The Black Templars are about to arrive on Sacaellum. Whether you command legions of Space Marines or the noisome hordes of Tyranids that broil forth from the depths of Kaerux Erameas, What Lurks Below offers you the cards you need to claim undying glory and victory in the Traxis sector. In What Lurks Below, every faction gains new ways to wage war and new reasons to fight.



This War Pack adds cards for every faction currently in the game and is the 4th War Pack in the Planet-Fall Cycle. I know I’m picking this one up for my collection for my two favorite factions (Space Marines & Tyranids) but it also opens up some new options for everyone else, too. One of the things I really appreciate about 40k: Conquest is that every faction gets something in each expansion. This leads me to put together decks for those factions I don’t play much (sorry Dark Eldar). And with the Allies system, even those cards you wouldn’t typical think about can be used in your decks.

With an ever growing set of cards, Warhammer 40,000: Conquest is really turning into a well developed and fully supported LCG. If you’re into LCGs & you love the 40k grim dark world go check this game out – it’s a blast! Pick-up a Core Set, grab a buddy and start playing!


No Pity! No Remorse! No Fear! It’s 40K: Conquest!

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