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AoS Rumors: New Board Game Latest!

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Mar 11 2016


Check out the newest info on the Age of Sigmar Board Game!


Source: Sad Panda

timetowaste85 wrote:
Q:When did sad panda say Tzeentch stuff was hitting again? I’m expecting a “start collecting” box for them. If it’s like Khorne and Nurgle have gotten, I’d expect horrors, screamers and a chariot in it. Which I’m considering picking up today. But if Tzeentch is getting love in the next month or two, I’d hold off.A: It begins with the AoS board game, which is more than two months out.No idea about start collecting boxes and other re-packages.

Overall SP’s record for rumors is pretty good. He nixed Grey Knights being next with his Stormcast release info, which looks to be spot on about a “significant Stormcasts release”

Source: Sad Panda

Age of Sigmar News & Rumours – Orcs next? 
There should be a significant Stormcast-release sometime soon.

He then followed-up with:

Excitement usually greater for 40K-stuff (and 30K-stuff), but as I’ve said in the past, 2016 is first and foremost the year of AoS (for GW).


Overall, AoS will get the most weekly releases, the most new models, the most books, etc…

But it appears even his clairvoyance has limits:

Yodhrin wrote:

Q: Out of interest, have your sources revealed any of the thinking behind that course of action to you? Like, did GW believe AoS was going to be a huge runaway success and locked-in a long and heavy release cycle in anticipation of that? Or did they anticipate the slow start and believe that really pushing the new stuff like Sigmarines in that first year will turn it around?

A: No.

I get glimpses of what’s in the pipeline. Not why things are in the pipeline.

Your guesses are as good as mine.

He also laided down this roadmap way back in February for their being a follow up to Betrayal at Calth and a AOS board game as well:
Q: the_Armyman wrote:
So, is this another offering from the fledgling Specialist Games Studio or is this a GW Main Studio product?
A: This is main studio. It is in hard plastic and the miniatures can be used in 40K without conversions.People underestimate the lead time on those boxed games / starter sets in plastic.The Deathwatch game was finished by the time EF was released.
The AoS-themed boxed game you’ll see this summer was finished by the time the AoS starter was released.
The second HH boxed game this fall was finished by the time Calth was released.The specialist games studio was launched a little more than a month ago. The teased Blood Bowl stuff was probably the first work this team did after starting their new jobs in January. It will likely be among the first things they will release, and I don’t think they are aiming for 2016.


So it appears that SP is very adamant that an AoS game IS happening sooner than later.  Will this be the studios way to start taking it to FFG on the sales front after Warhammer slipped to #2 on ICV2’s sales list in 2015, or is everything going according to the designs of Nottingham?


~Do YOU think GW will release an AoS Board Game?

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