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Geekery: X-Men – Apocalypse New Trailer and Revelations

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Mar 22 2016
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Get a full look at the new cast and some fun easter eggs buried in the new trailer!

Director Brian Singer has given himself a lot of freedom with this, his last X-Men movie. He’s taking chances, and expanding battlefields from stadiums to ones that require nuclear rockets to handle. This movie may have the largest mutant battles on screen to date! Let’s take a look…


Thanks to Days of Future Past changing the timeline a lot is up in the air – only a handful of characters are safe in terms of making it out alive, and based on the trailer it looks like Xavier’s school isn’t one of them.

That opening line… we’ve heard that somewhere before, haven’t we?


A few questions, ideas, and mentions:

• Are we getting Celestials?

• What’s going on with the reluctance/fear from Magneto?

• I approve of Quicksilver’s t-shirt choices. Nicely done.

• New Blackbird!

• Are those spiffy X-Men uniforms I spy?

I’ve wanted to see this one since the first trailer dropped – mainly due to Singer’s involvement and the cast that has stayed on since First Class. I’m sold.


I know some folks had reservations with Oscar Isaac’s portrayal of Apocalypse. I get that the design isn’t perfect without the jaw and lip outline, and he’s a bit on the slight side of builds. That said not everything that works on the page works on the screen. Thor doesn’t wear a silver helmet; Wolverine doesn’t wear yellow and black spandex; Jessica Jones made a joke of her costume last season; and I seriously doubt we’ll be seeing Mike Colter wearing the original rendition of Power Man’s outfit this fall on Netflix…


You can’t get everything you want, but you can get a good deal. Isaac can definitely handle this evil face…



Any opinions changed with this new trailer? 

Author: Mars Garrett
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