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10 Reasons Terminators Just Became Playable Again

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Apr 15 2016



Holy cow did Space Marine terminators just get good again? Come see the hot new rules and wargear that you may have missed from Angels of Death.

You’ve probably seen the dataslate for the Cataphractii terminators (via the GW Youtube video)  from the Angels of Death supplement that releases this week, but lets dig a little deeper and see just how good they are!



The basic Cataphractii rules, note they are the same points as normal termies (35 points)

Rules to Know:

  • Cataphractii  terminators can replace any “terminator” in any formation requirement
  • They are Slow & Purposeful
  • Cataphractii Armor has  a 4+ Invulnerable Save
  • Can get assault grenades via grenade harness
  • They can benefit from normal teleportation aids
  • They access get the deadly combi-bolter, TL rapidfire bolter at 24″.
  • Can mix and match Assault and Shooting Weapons.
  • A Termie captain upgraded (for free) to Cataphractii armor gets to re-roll his 4+ Invulnerable save rolls of a “1”.
  • They can Combat Squad
  • Cataphractii  terminators benefit from Space Marine Chapter tactics


With rules like these for the new Cataphractii terminators, they just may bring terminators back to the tabletop!


There is lots more where that came from- checkout the rest of the new Astartes rules below on our full Angels of Death supplement roundup!

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