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40K: Chaos Secretly Gets Some Good Rules – FINALLY!

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Apr 21 2016

wayne.england.chaos.terminator horz

Two “updated” supplements later, and it looks like the newest thing to actually benefit Chaos in competitive play is coming to us in the new Knight box set. Check this out!

It’s tough being a Veteran of the Long War. Chaos hasn’t gotten any love in a long time, and with a codex that’s about to turn 4 this fall, Games Workshop seems to be treating the true rulers of the galaxy like the red headed stepchildren of Dorn.

Plus depending on who you ask, the new Black Legion, and Crimson Slaugher supplements while super fluffy, were spectacular disappointments for competitive play as well.

And then there was thundering footsteps in the distance:

Images via Iuchiban who posted first on Friday

chaos-knight-01 chaos-knight-02


While dreams of marked renegade knights a la Forge World didn’t pan out, the rest of the rules are pretty solid.


Well by pretty solid I mean Super Full of DAKKA!

Chaos Knights can double fist the shooty, or the choppy respectively! Check out these dope tricks you can do with a little love from other Chaos units:

  • 435 Points – 24 Avenger Cannon shots that can wreck havoc on most units out there.
  • 435 Points – SIX Battle Cannon shots
  • +40 gets you some S8 stormspear shots as well, for those Instant Death opportunites.
  • Add in Bel’akor for guaranteed shrouded, and ability to cast invisibility on the knight.
  • Stock at 325 the renegade comes with TWO close combat weapons (both D) as well. Super slice and dice for sure!
  • Fateweaver can drop knights by himself with the new Daemon update, and when paired with a renegade knight and Bel’akor, that’s a spicy triforce of doom for any army to face. Plus he’s always going to get prescience so those gatling (or battle cannon) shots will probably be twin linked!

~Look for this guy to make an immediate impact on Chaos’ game soon on a tabletop near you!

  • 40K: Battle For Vedros Releasing This Summer