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40K: Eternal Crusade – Behind The Scenes Mocap Sessions

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Apr 28 2016


How do video games get those “life-like” movements animated? Take a peek behind-the-scenes of Eternal Crusade to learn more!

The team behind Eternal Crusade has put together a pair of videos showcasing the Motion Capture (or Mocap) for some of the animations behind the Orks and Eldar for their upcoming game. It’s a pretty fascinating process in which live actors are recorded and their movements are captured and mapped. This is then used to build computer models which the team can then animate. I’m leaving off a lot of the more complex steps but the point is you get some pretty cool “life-like” movements for your animations in games. If you’d like to learn more about it check out this article or visit Engadget for a primer on Mocap.

In the meantime, check out these two behind the scenes videos!

Eternal Crusade Mocap Session: Eldar

Eternal Cruasde Mocap Session: Orks


I feel bad for the guy in blue. He gets paid to get beat-up all day…


Author: Adam Harrison
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