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FW: Mechanicum Ordinatus Sagittar Pre-Orders Available

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Apr 1 2016

Mechanicum Ordinatus Ulator

Forge World unleashes the BOOM from Mars – The Ordinatus Sagittar is up for Pre-Order!

via Forge World



The Mechanicum Ordinatus Sagittar is a massively destructive war engine, as rare as it is potent. Similar in design to the Ordinatus Ulator, the Sagittar differs in its primary weapon being a Volcano Cannon of prodigious power.


In the time of the Great Crusade the Ordinatus macro engines were rarer than even the Battle Titans of the Legio Titanica, and only a handful of Forge Worlds had the resources or indeed the doctrinal blessing and religious authority to produce or maintain such embodiments of the Omnissiah’s divine wrath. Such was the sacredness of these machines above all others, that an entire subcult of the Mechanicum was devoted to their worship and propitiation.


The Ordinatus Sagittar carries a trio of Volkite Culverins as its secondary armaments, whilst its primary weapon is a Belicosa pattern Volcano Cannon, more often carried by Warlord class Battle Titans. An ancient pattern of weapon whose destructive power is comparable to many shipboard cannon and planetary defence lasers, few mobile weapons platforms are capable of mounting the Belicosa simply due to its savage power requirements. When engulfed in the cannon’s cohesive light, the strongest fortress walls may be reduced to glowing embers and the most resilient armour to molten slag and vapour.




The Mechanicum Ordinatus Sagittar is a Lords of War choice for Mechanicum armies in Horus Heresy games. It can also be taken as a Lords of War Choice by Adeptus Mechanicus: Cult Mechanicus and Skitarii armies in games of Warhammer 40,000 using the rules found in The Horus Heresy: Mechanicum – Taghmata Army List.


The Mechanicum Ordinatus Sagittar is a complete, multi-part resin kit that includes two automata crew models.


This thing is a BEAST. In case you were wondering, yes it is equipped with the Belicosa Volcano Cannon which is typically wielded by a Warlord Titan. So if you were wanting to melt…well, everything…then go check it out from Forge World. And for all you tread-heads out there if you wanted to get both the Ordinatus Sagittar & Ulator Forge World has a bundle deal for you, too.




Two behemoths of war, true Engines of Destruction, are placed at your command and herald the devastation of your enemies. With both an Ordinatus Sagittar and Ordinatus Ulator in your army, your foe can only choose to flee or die.

This bundle includes a Mechanicum Ordinatus Sagittar and a Mechanicum Ordinatus Ulator. Each is a complete, multi-part resin kit that includes two automata crew models.


Did somebody call for an exterminator?

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