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GW: New Releases 4-9-2016 “Pricing & Links”

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Apr 9 2016



Games Workshop unleashes new Space Marine & Chaos Marine Boxed sets to go along with the new supplements this weekend – Take a look!

via Games Workshop

Space Marine Company Command $50


Incredible strategists, masters of tactics and capable of besting foes many times their size in single combat, Space Marine Captains rank amongst the universe’s finest commanders – perfect for leading a Space Marine Command Squad.

This awesome plastic box set nets you a Space Marine Captain, armed with power sword and plasma pistol, and a Space Marine Command Squad – five of the best warriors mankind has to offer, with options for a Space Marine Veteran Sergeant, Company Champion, Apothecary, Standard Bearer and a Space Marine with assault weapon. Supplied with Citadel 32mm Round bases and an Ultramarines transfer sheet.


Space Marine Terminator Command $60



Almost nothing in the galaxy comes close to the combat effectiveness of a Space Marine Captain, and when they’re clad in Terminator armour, the enemies of the Imperium are in trouble indeed. Leading a Terminator Squad, a Captain is assured that the greatest warriors the galaxy have ever known are right behind him, ready to annihilate on his command.

This awesome plastic box contains a Space Marine Terminator Captain armed with power sword and storm bolter, and Terminator Squad, made up of five Terminators, with options to include a Sergeant armed with a power sword, and a choice of assault cannon, heavy flamer and cyclone missile launcher. Supplied with six Citadel 40mm Round bases and an Ultramarines transfer sheet.


Chaos Space Marines Terminator Lords Cadre $60


Powerful warriors of Chaos, blessed with the favour of the Dark Gods and possessing the genetic advantages of the Space Marines, Chaos Sorcerers are amongst the most dangerous entities in the galaxy. Leading a squad of Chaos Terminators, clad in fearsome Tactical Dreadnought Armour , they represent a virtually-unstoppable force of absolute Chaos might.

This plastic box set contains a Chaos Space Marines Sorcerer in Terminator armour, and a Chaos Space Marines Terminator Squad – this includes options for a Champion, and a number of horrible weapons (including power axes, reaper autocannon, bladed combi-bolters, and even a power maul) with which to annihilate the enemies of Chaos! Supplied with six Citadel 40mm Round bases and a Chaos Space Marine transfer sheet.



Chaos Space Marines Cultist Assault $48


Wishing to become the favoured of the Dark Gods, the most brutal, powerful and strongest Chaos Space Marines seek glory and blood by becoming Aspiring Champions. Natural leaders, they command bands of Cultists as disposable cannon fodder, directing them into battle with no thought for their safety.

This plastic box set contains a Chaos Space Marines Aspiring Champion, covered in blasphemous symbols and armed with a power axe, combat blade and boltgun, and 20 Chaos Cultists, with a great variety of weapons and poses. Supplied with twenty Citadel 25mm Round bases and one Citadel 32mm Round base.


Space Marines Heroes $50


Known across the galaxy as stoic warriors of the Imperium, crushing alien and heretic alike, the Space Marines deserve their fearsome reputation. Even so, there are those among them whose bravery and skill is even more worthy of praise, singling them out for greatness – the officers. The mightiest of the Emperor’s soldiers, His will made flesh; these are the ones who lead.

This box set provides you with three Space Marines Heroes; perfect for building a new army around, deploying as the command element of an existing army or just as three great miniatures for any Space Marines collector! You’ll receive a Space Marine Librarian, a Space Marine Chaplain and a Space Marine Captain; a great addition to any collection.


Angels of Death $33



Strike Forces of the Space Marines.


The finest warriors Mankind has ever known. Space Marines stride boldly across the galaxy, taking no prisoners, roaring benedictions to the Emperor as they cleanse planets and systems of alien filth. As the enemies of Humanity rise and gather, the Space Marines will be there to meet them with bolters primed and chainswords screaming. Each Space Marine is a genetically-engineered master of combat, sworn to perform his duty to the Emperor until victory… or death.


This 128-page softback supplement for Codex: Space Marines is designed for any and all Space Marines armies! Included within:

– a guide to Strike Forces and Chapter organisation, including 4 Army List Entry datasheets and 14 Formations;
– background and organisation on White Scars, Imperial Fists, Iron Hands, Salamanders and Raven Guard Chapters, as well as their typical Strike Forces;
– rules for the Terminator Captain, Cataphractii Terminators and Contemptor Dreadnought;
– Warlord Traits, Relics and Tactical Objectives;
– four complete psychic disciplines available to Space Marines Librarians.



Black Legion: A Codex: Chaos Space Marines Supplement $33


For ten thousand years, the Black Legion has fought the armies of the false Emperor, striking out from the Eye of Terror to sow ruin and madness among the stars. In their wake, worlds burn to ash and the screams of the damned echo in the warp.



This supplement to Codex: Chaos Space Marines allows you to turn your Citadel miniatures collection into a mighty host of Black Legion, bringing fire and death to the Imperium.


Within the 72 pages of this book you will find:

– the story of Black Legion’s fall from grace and rise to power, including the tale of their infamous Warmaster, Abaddon the Despoiler;
– a showcase of Chaos Space Marine Citadel miniatures, presenting warband colours and icons of the Black Legion;
– a set of supplemental rules including Warlord Traits and Chaos Artefacts that, along with Codex: Chaos Space Marines, allow you to assemble your Black Legion models into a force for Warhammer 40,000 battles;
– a series of narrative missions that enable you to play through Black Legion’s bloody history, alongside a set of Altar of War missions that showcase the Black Legion’s deadly tactics;
– a set of Black Legion Tactical Objectives and 7 formation datasheets for Codex: Chaos Space Marines.


Black Legion is designed work alongside the rules found in Codex: Chaos Space Marines, which you will need in order to field a Black Legion collection on the tabletop.

Please note this product is only available in English.

Crimson Slaughter: A Codex: Chaos Space Marines Supplement $33


Once the loyal servants of the Imperium of Mankind, now the Crimson Slaughter leave only destruction and despair in their wake.


Tainted by the genocidal purging of Umidia they are plagued by the voices of their victims. Only through butchery can they silence the voices that haunt them – but the whispers of the dead always return.


Within the 72 pages of this hardback, full-colour book you will find:

the gore-splattered history of the Crimson Slaughter – a tragic tale of how a loyal Chapter was transformed into Warp-cursed, bloodthirsty renegades;
supplemental rules for building an unstoppable army of the merciless Crimson Slaughter.
a showcase of Crimson Slaughter miniatures;
a series of narrative missions that enable you to recreate some of the Crimson Slaughter’s bloody battles;
rules for unique relics, Warlord Traits and new stratagems that reflect the Crimson Slaughter’s favoured tactics;
a set of 7 formation datasheets and Crimson Slaughter tactical Objectives.



Warhammer 40,000: Adeptus Astartes Psychic Powers $16.50


A set of twenty-eight datacards detailing four psychic disciplines usable by any Space Marine Librarian (even a Space Wolves Rune Priest – these are for every Chapter!), each consisting of seven psychic powers:

The Librarius Discipline, allowing the channeling of fury into devastating psychic assaults;
The Technomancy Discipline, allowing the manipulation of weapons, machines and machine spirits;
The Fulmination Discipline, allowing control over electricity and magnetic forces;
The Geokinesis Discipline, allowing control and manipulation of the battlefield and battlefield terrain.


Includes a Quick Reference card.

Angels of Death & Psychic Powers $49.50



Games Workshop’s Space Marines are firing on all gears – but the traitors are coming too!

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