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40K: New Games Workshop Terrain Packs INBOUND!

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May 23 2016


Games Workshop has some new Munitorum Armoured Containers coming in June – Come see the newest 40K Terrain Set!

via eBay



These new shipping containers and the accessories look really cool! They are a great way to add some flavor to your Gaming Board. Plus the extra doodads would make excellent objective markers – just use them as is or glue them to a few spare 40mm bases. They will look super thematic and help add that little bit extra to your gaming narrative.

I also like seeing these shipping containers because it helps paint a picture of what the 40k universe looks like to the “common folk” – not every building is a blown-up Neo-Gothic Cathedral to the Emperor or a giant fortification for war. These “mundane” containers would be used all over the Imperium to move goods from one shipping lane to another. It’s a small peek at the day-to-day life within the Grim Dark.

Having said that they also look super functional and “playable” for your games of Warhammer 40k – they are perfectly modular looking, you can stack them or string them out and you’ve got some excellent LoS blocking terrain. I know I want a set or two for my table…

Imperial Express: I got a shipment for a Mr. “Brother Cassius” – can you sign for these crates?


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