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RUMORS: Warhammer Quest Hitting Chain Stores

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May 11 2016



Sources say Warhammer Quest is going to be much bigger than even you thought.  Heres’ the details:



Industry sources tell BoLS the following:

  • Warhammer Quest will released into major retail chains as an introductory GW product.
  • It will follow in the footsteps of the Battle for Vedros line, and is aimed at the same segment of the market, to attract new customers to GW.
  • Warhammer Quest Silver Tower is only the initial product for this line, and a series of expansions are already in development which will also be pushed into the large retail channel.

Silver Tower-spread

This news builds upon yesterday’s talk of Warhammer Quest being built up into a fully fledged product line for GW.

via Mikhalia (Dakka)

Just got off the phone with GW. They are pushing this hard and calling it Warhammer Quest.


Supposedly….(sales rep info here, grain of salt) WQ will be a new line alongside 40k and AOS. More hero boxes, rules for using models from AOS, etc.

Of course, i’m being told this while they try to sell me a ton of copies 🙂


via StreetSamurai (Dakka)

in the WD, it is written that a new WQ app is coming, and this app will enable you to BUY the WQ rules of pretty much every AOS plastic heroes.


Warhammer Quest Silver Tower-title


The Battle for Vedros line is hitting big-box retail in June, so this may be occurring sooner than later.  Keep your eyes peeled.

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