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Star Trek Attack Wing: Borg Cube & Sphere Teaser

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May 29 2016


borg cube-800

The Borg are back with the infamous Borg Cube 384 and Sphere 936. Resistance is Futile.

Star Trek Attack Wing

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Here’s what is going down with the collective:


The Borg Cube is one of the most formidable technologies known to the Federation. Its lack of identifiable function spaces, such as a bridge, engineering, or personal quarter, reveals the hive-like Borg collective consciousness and its drones. It not only carries “smart” weaponry that adapts, but it also can analyze an opponent’s weapons systems and adapt defenses within seconds.


On 2373 a cube tried to conquer Earth by altering the timeline (Star Trek: first Contact), but was destroyed with concentrated weapons fire by a Starfleet Armada. It ejected a smaller, spherical ship, a Borg Sphere, which created a time vortex that allowed the sphere to travel back in time in an effort to stop humanity’s first contact with an alien species.


The Borg Cube with Sphere Port Premium Figure includes 46 cards, 47 tokens, 2 maneuver dials, 1 Shield Tracker, 1 Hull Tracker and an instruction sheet. Looking at these ships in more detail, the Borg Cube can be played in many ways, either as Cube 384, a generic Borg Starship, or as part of the “First Contact” Scenario. Also, the included Sphere 936 can be played as itself, a generic Borg Sphere, or as a Borg Support Vehicle for Cube 384.

Cube 384 gains one extra Shield and one extra Borg Upgrade slot compared to the generic Borg Cube. The newly balanced point value gives you all the power you would expect from the Borg at a more playable cost, including a 6 Primary Weapon Value, Zero Agility, 10 Hull and 10 Shields all for 52 SP. The special ability for Cube 384 prevents your shields from being affected by Upgrades from an opponent’s fleet.

Sphere 936 will seem familiar to previous versions of the Borg Sphere with identical stats and point values. This new named version of the Borg Sphere allows you to equip 1 upgrade (of your choice) at -2 SP to this ship and you may use a 1[straight], 2 [straight], or 3 [straight] Maneuver Templates to place it in the play area when it becomes Active as a support ship.


Cube384 Sphere936




You get both the Tactical Drone and Borg Queen options:

TacticalDrone BorgQueen

Support Cards

The big deal here is the introduction to Star Trek Attack Wing of “Support Ships”. Here is what WizKids has to say about this new mechanic:

A ship with a Borg Support Vehicle Token (BSVT) assigned to it is considered to be a “support ship.” The support ship may be any ship with a Hull Value of 7 or less. During Set Up, the cost of this ship is -10 SP (-15 SP if it is a Borg Sphere). This ship must be assigned a Captain and may be equipped with any Upgrades as normal.

The support ship is considered to be “deployed” to the Borg Cube and follows these special rules:

1)    The support ship remains out of the play area and cannot affect the play area or be affected by anything in the play area in any way (movement, attacks, text abilities, etc.) until it becomes Active (i.e. is placed in the play area).

2)    The support ship is made Active in one of two ways:

a)    It immediately becomes Active if the Borg Cube to which it is deployed is destroyed, OR

b)    During the Activation Phase, if all of the Borg Cube’s shields are destroyed, it may use the Action listed on the Borg Support Vehicle Dock Upgrade.

BorgSupport Borg15 TemporalVortex


For more on this lasted ship and the expansion pack go read the full article on Star!

The Borg Cube arrives at stores in June.

Boldly play where no man has played before!

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