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Tabletop Spotlight: CV

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May 19 2016

CV Contents

The Tabletop Spotlight is on CV – a game of life lessons.

When our friends at Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy brought over this game I wasn’t sure what to think. Turns out this game is all about YOU and the choices you make:

CV or Curriculum Vitae roughly translates into “the course of my life” – it’s your resume. This game is about making choices for your character and choosing what you think the best life opportunities would be. In the game your goal is to write a CV of your fictional character. Although you don’t actually have to do any writing – it’s all done with cards and dice rolling!

The cards represent different life goals or accomplishments – and they in turn can provide you with benefits. But you have to roll the correct die symbols to purchase new cards. You do get to reroll them, however if you land on the bad luck die face they cannot be re-rolled. I could go on about the rules but I think a link to them online might be more helpful – let me just say they are really simple to understand and you should be up and playing in 5-10 minutes easy!


There are different decks that represent different life stages – they range from childhood all the way through old age. The cards themselves have some fun art work in a cartoonishly dramatic style. And the custom D6 dice are really simple and easy to read as well. Overall the components are pretty well done and I’ve got no complaints!

If you’re looking for a good family game to play with your kids or if you’re just wanting to take it easy with your friends and play a relaxing game with a ton of replay value then you should check out CV! It’s in stores right now.




Have you ever wondered who you would have been if your life had gone differently? How would you direct your life if everything were up to you? Maybe you would be a magician, or travel around the world? Or maybe big business tempts you, and your goal would be to earn a million dollars?

ā€œCVā€ means curriculum vitae ā€“ your resume ā€“ and in the dice and card game CV you will lead a character through his entire life, making many choices about friends, relations, jobs and activities. Everything is possible: a dream job, new relationships and skills. You can be whoever you want!

Gameplay is built around the Yahtzee-style dice rolling and re-rolling system. On their dice, players are trying to roll sets of symbols that allow them to acquire cards; each round these cards give benefits of some kind, such as new symbols and special abilities. At the end of the game, each kind of card scores points for the player.


When The Game of Life meets Yahtzee but with less setup and more cards everyone wins!


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