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White Dwarf 119: Inside the Covers

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May 8 2016


wd 119

Flesh sweet flesh! Come see the new Flesh-Eaters court another great paint splatter article on the new Wazbomb Ork Flyer and more.

This week’s White Dwarf is a little weak on the hobby content and rules, BUT it does get a great Paint Splatter article!

Overall it’s probably a skip week for most folks I’d imagine!

feast of flesh

White Dwarf 119 $4


This week in White Dwarf, the Flesh-eater Courts emerge blinking into the light. Shattered remnants of those who have suffered most during the Age of Chaos, they exist in a mockery of nobility, serving malicious vampires in acts of horrific cannibalism. We’ve got a cheerful and optimistic issue full of them!

There’s also an impressive Imperial Fists Combat Squad (it won a Golden Demon, it’s that impressive,) a Paint Splatter featuring the Wazbom Blastajet and – this is pretty special – Mustering for War: an introduction and guide to collecting armies and organising games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar. All this and the usual comment and opinion from The Week in White Dwarf.


  • White Dwarf 118: Inside the Covers