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AoS: Alarielle the Everqueen Rules Spotted!

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Jun 28 2016


The Everqueen is coming to Age of Sigmar on a giant killer beetle and with killer rules! Take a look:


Here mini is JUST AMAZING! I love how the new Sylvaneth range is depicting fantastical insects in a way that it very different from say Tyranids. I’m loving it.  I can’t wait to see this big guy charging into combat with Khorgoraths or Ogor Stonehorns. – CRASH!

French forum Warhammer-forums has the rules up for the Everqueen and her new followers:



Powers of the Everqueen:

(rough translations)

 – Talon of the Dwindling: For each character injured but not killed by this weapons, roll two dice. If the result is a double 6 or higher than the current wound characteristic of the model, it is slain.


– Blossomed Life: heal d3 wounds in each of your hero phase – Swiping blows: You can add 1 to the hit rolls of the Wardroth antlers attacks if the enemy units has 5 models or more.

– Living Ram: If the Wardroth Beetle ends a charge move 1″ away from a scenery piece, every other unit in that scenery piece takes d3 mortal wounds.

– Amphoras of Souls: In her hero phase, Alarielle roll one D6 and look up the result on the table. You can choose any ability lower than the result of your dice. 1-3 Every Sylvaneth at 30″ around heal d3 wounds. 4 Set up 2d6 dryads. 5 Set up d6 tree revenants. 6 Set up a Treelord. All set up units must be 9″ or less away from Alarielle and 3″ or more than any enemy model. Magic:

3 Spells and Counterspells:

Metamorphosis: Pick an enemy unit up to 16″ away. Casting value of 5, roll as many dice as the casting result. Every 4+ inflicts a mortal wound. If the last model of the unit is killed that way, place a set up a sylvaneth wyldwood where the unit was but 1″ away from any other unit and scenery.

Command Ability:

– Wrath of Ghyran: Once per battle, you can re-roll all wound rolls of all Sylvaneth units until your next hero phase.


Full Sylvaneth Rules Roundup



~So, who do you think the Everqueen can hang with now? Good enough to take on the other big bosses in the game?


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