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DC HeroClix: Red Robin, Arrow, and Batman with a Bomb

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Jun 3 2016


HOLY Convention season Batman!  Check out these Heroclix convention exclusives!

via Wizkids:

The DC Comics HeroClix: Kingdom Come Red Robin Convention Exclusive Prize Figure was designed to reflect Dick Grayson’s return to super heroics many years after his time as Robin with a new mantle outside of Batman‘s shadow – Red Robin. With a new costume and identity, Red Robin battles alongside Superman‘s Justice League in the fight for the Gulag!

It will be given to players that place in the Top 4 of the U.S. National Championship or the Top 8 of the World Championship. Players will also have the chance to win this figure by participating in HeroClix side events and World Championship Qualifiers.


Don’t worry, there are some exclusive minis for those that aren’t competing:


Based on the Batman ’66 TV show. Featuring a new mechanic, players will need to pass off the Bomb dial hot-potato-style until one unlucky figure goes BOOM! Batman with Bomb will be available for $15.00 while supplies last!


From the TV screen to the HeroClix map is the Arrow HeroClix Pack featuring the Arrow himself, his trusted partner Diggle, and the Arrow Motorcycle! Available for $20.00 while supplies last!




Be sure to come by the WizKids Booth (D 500) to purchase the DC Comics HeroClix: Batman with Bomb, Arrow Pack and more! To see the rest of the 2016 HeroClix Convention Exclusives that will be available at Origins, visit

Play HEROCLIX, Free Rules Here


Who else wants a Batman with a Bomb? So awesome!


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