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Geekery: Lucas Film Invites You to ‘The Star Wars Show’

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Jun 3 2016

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Catch up with this week’s Star Wars news and products straight from the source!

In the fourth episode of their in house news show they talk with ILM’s creative director Dennis Muren about the special effects in the original trilogy, and FFG’s Steve Horvath about Star Wars on the tabletop.

More on those sweet looking Ultimate Studio Edition props:

They are manufactured at Pinewood Studios Propshop where all of the props for the Star Wars franchise are produced; and are based off 3D scans and design plans for the original pieces. These replicas are superbly detailed and accurate.

At the moment the line only includes props from Episode VII… and the price tags match the level of work that’s put into them.


Poe’s X-Wing Helmet$1,500



FN-2187 Stormtrooper Helmet$1,750 – Limited Edition of 500


Chewbacca Bowcaster$2,500

Check out the full collection here.


I want Poe’s helmet for my very own. Which prop do you want?


Author: Mars Garrett
  • Mynock Squadron Podcast XIX: Art of X-Wing, Variance