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Geekery: The Blackbird Can Be Any Car You Want

Jun 27

blackbird car morph

This unassuming vehicle is a fully adjustable rig that can mimic any car on the market. Any. Car.

The Mill, a VFX studio out of London, has joined fabricator JemFX to build the Blackbird – the rig that can imitate the motion and be skinned as any car. It has an adjustable chassis that can be extended or shortened to match a wheel base, and the suspension can be adjusted to various heights and how the rig handles. It’s loaded with a camera array with heavy duty stabilizers, and can be outfitted with motion capture equipment.

All it needs is a wheel swap, some length/height adjustments, and some CG and it can go from being a Chevy Spark to a Lamborghini Aventador.

It’s currently being shopped as a tool for advertising, but it has huge potential in movies and games.

To learn more go here.


I’ll never believe a car commercial again – how about you?


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