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RUMOR: Legio Custodes Latest

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Jun 6 2016


The Legio Custodes are the guardians of the Emperor – and they may be on the way to your Tabletop!


We had heard that the Legio Custodes or the guardians of the Emperor of Mankind would be getting rules in the upcoming Horus Heresy Inferno book, from Warhammer fest a few weeks ago. One of the attendees from that event posted up this update recently with more specifics.

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via Garro (Facebook)

Legio Custodes

  • they have ALL THE BLING

  • the custodes are part of the ‘talons of the emperor’ army list which will include the sisters of silence and other non-astartes or mechanicum agents that the emperor sends to prospero, this list is purely themed to what was at prospero, but will be more than usable in regular gaming. each of the factions in the list will ‘probably’ be span off into seperate full size lists over the rest of the books.

  • the custodes element will be fully sized enough to be able to play a regular game without being restrictive. this will include vehicles (can’t wait for the ‘gift of the emperor’).

  • valdor is coming as their named character and is being considered alongside the primarchs in importence, (so probably being held for simon egan to do)

  • expect to see the full selection of units seen in the artwork. jetbikes, terminators, dreads and breachers alongside the basic spear guys.

  • they have ALL THE BLING


Wow that sounds Fantastic. I really dig the new mini army lists and factions that seem to come with each new Horus Heresy book, like book VI’s Knights Errant and Shattered legions.

Big things are coming from Forge World in 2016, and I am sure this is just another piece in a much larger puzzle.


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