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X-Wing: New Rey & Poe VS First Order TIEs

2 Minute Read
Jun 16 2016

Come see how good the new Poe & Rey are from the Heroes of the Rebellion set in today’s X-wing Battle Report versus The First Order!

X-Wing fans we have a special treat for you today! We are previewing the new ships that are in the up and coming Heroes of the Resistance expansion. Although we don’t have the actual ships on hand, we are using our imaginations, and even keeping in line with the movies for this battle report. This battle pits Rey in the Millennium Falcon versus a squad of TIE/fo fighters! Can’t get more cinematic than that! Check this one out!



Rick’s List

Rey – Millennium Falcon + Push the Limit + Engine Upgrade + Kanan Jarrus + Ezra Bridger

Poe Dameron – Black One + Push the Limit + Autothrusters + BB-8



Barclay’s List


The Inquisitor – TIE v/1 + Push the Limit + Autothrusters + Proton Rockets

Omega Squadron Pilot – Juke + Comm Relay

Omega Squadron Pilot – Juke + Comm Relay

Omega Squadron Pilot – Juke + Comm Relay

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