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AoS: Savage Orruks Inbound

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Jul 11 2016


The Bonesplitterz are back to crack some skulls and Waaagh! everywhere – The Savage Orruks are coming!

White Dwarf #129 has been spotted in the wild and it confirms that the Savage Orukk Bonesplitterz are charging ahead with a brand new battletome!

via Scanner


Savage Orks crop 1


It looks like the Savage Orruks are getting repackaged and getting the new oval/round bases. The models don’t look to be updated. Here are some pics of the old models for for comparison sake:

99120209025_SavageOrcsBoarBoyzNEW01 99120209025_SavageOrcsBoarBoyzNEW02


If you were looking to start play the Savage Orruks of the Bonesplitterz you might want to go ahead and order a few of the older boxes now. They are still at the $29 price range and the models don’t appear to have changed a ton…

Savage Orruks $29


The Bonesplitterz are tattoo-covered savages, who bellow their devotion to Gorkamorka as they sprint headlong into battle. Led by mysterious and magical shamans, they form vast tribal armies armed
with flint and fury that hunt the great monsters of the realms.

This set will make 10 Savage Orruks that can be armed with a selection of weapons that includes Stone Choppas, Flint Spears, Feral Bows, Crude Shields; two orruks can carry a Big Stabba between them. You also have the option to assemble a Savage Orruk Boss, Icon Bearer and Skull Basher. To make sure you never run out of options, this kit has 114 components for you to build your unit exactly how you want it.

Savage Orruks Boarboys $29


In the vanguard of the Bonesplitter warclans are the Boarboys, who crash into their opponents with shuddering force. Flint spears spit enemies as tusks punch through armour and gore the flesh beneath.

Each box contains 95 components to build five Savage Orruk Boar Boys armed with Crude Choppas and Flint Spears, including the options for a Savage Orruk Boarboy Boss, Icon Bearer and Tribal Drummer. Includes five 25mm x 50mm Bases.



These boxes still come with square/rectangle bases so if you want to get the new round bases you’ll have to order them separately. Then again, with the rules for Age of Sigmar, it doesn’t really matter what type of bases you have because you measure to the model. You can still do base-to-base for measuring (that’s actually covered in the upcoming General’s Handbook) – just talk with your opponent before hand and keep it consistent during your game.


The Savage Waaagh! returns with a new Battletome…

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