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AoS: Battletome Beastclaw Raiders Spotted

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Jul 26 2016

Ogre Ogor

Got Beef? They do! The Ogors are back with a vengeance this week from Games Workshop!

This week’s White Dwarf has been spotted and it’s featuring the heavy hitters from the Beastclaw Raiders – aka the return of the Ogre Kingdoms!

via Albrecht de Nuln (Warfo)

AoS Ogres Ogor Beastclaw

AoS Beastclaw Stonehorn Ogor

AoS Beastclaw ThundertuskOgor

AoS Beastclaw Mornfang Ogor

AoS Beastclaw Yhetees Ogor


AoS Beastclaw Icefang Ogor

AoS Beastclaw Icewind Assault Ogor

We saw the pricing on these big-boys earlier this week and now we have visual confirmation. I am curious to see what the new Ogor’s have been up to since their time away. Part of the Forces of Destruction Ogres (as they were previously called) were always treated as another natural disaster – they would roam the land in search of their next meal and cause destruction everywhere they looked. When they would get together en masse they could really throw their weight around…

Unfortunately for the Ogors, we’re not seeing any new sculpts – mostly just rebases. But now we know what those mysterious “future proof” points were included for. Looking at the Warscroll entries from the Grand Alliance: Destruction book these guys are going to be able to soak a LOT of punishment before dying. The Stonehorn basically has 24 wounds to deal with and will keep on pouncing for as long as it’s still got breath!

It’s good timing too, because Destruction could use some reinforcements for the Season of War Campaign


Who’s Hungry?! THESE GUYS!


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