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Deadzone: New Factions – Rebs and Marauders

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Jul 13 2016

deadzone Orc Commando

Two new factions enter the battle to survive in the harsh worlds of the Deadzone!

We’ve seen several of the available factions – now Manic is showing off two more. These factions have been repackaged in new sets just for Deadzone 2nd Edition, and are now available to pre-order. Take a look at what the Marauders and the Rebs have to offer…

The Marauders – Mean and Green


The Marauders are mercenaries for hire. Once shock troopers for the GCPS, they rebelled and escaped. Now the Marauder fleets ply the stars, fighting for those who can afford them, or against those in their way. A loose conglomeration of related races, they excel in combat, possessed of far greater intelligence and cunning than their appearance suggests. It is a foolish commander who underestimates the Marauders.


From Commandos to Mawbeasts, these two sets contain everything you will need to field a brutal Marauders strike team in games of Deadzone. Surge forward with your strong commandos, pick off key targets with goblin snipers and use your Commando Captain to outwit the enemy commander.


The Rebs – Children of the Revolution



Not everyone willingly accepts GCPS rule. In its greedy and materialistic conquest of the galaxy, humanity has made more than one enemy. Everywhere are victims of the GCPS’ exploitation or oppressed aliens under their rule. Whilst they aren’t a threat individually, they form into groups and fight as part of a greater resistance movement. Mockingly referred to as the ‘Rebs‘ by official feeds, these freedom fighters are survivalists by necessity. Those who fall short die quickly in the fight against the GCPS.


Comprised of a wide variety of alien races, the Rebs are jacks of all trades. They can rely on a number of different specialists to fill various roles, from the stealthy Yndij to the strong Teraton Brawler. By clever coordination of your Strike Team, you can run circles around your opponent – claiming objectives and valuable loot at the last second.


Try Deadzone today – download the starter rules here!


Are you going to add one of these factions to your Deadzone collection?


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