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Infinity: Developer Interview with Carlos Bostria

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Jul 4 2016


BoLS brings you an original interview with Infinity  Developer Carlos Bostria!

Dueling Accents

Below you  have the condensed video of a very fun talk I had with lead Infinity Developer Carlos Bostria. I’ll start by apologizing for the  poor sound quality, as we didn’t have a  proper  microphone  on either end and the vagaries of trans-Atlantic  Skype calls can be hard on the ear. Plus, I suspect an Interventor was hacking the call at some  point.

I won’t apologize for our accents, though, because those are  just amazing. This  is where you get your  pure, uncut geek, not watching those sellouts in Big Bang Theory!

For those who don’t have half an hour to listen to us mangling the Queen’s Own Language, here’s a quick TLDR:

  • A unit  usually takes around a  year from designing the concept to having the finished  model on your desk. Painter Angel Giraldez  is a wizard that  usually takes  just 2 days to make the final product look its best.
  • Developers don’t really go though the forums and fanbase requests when making  new stuff, but since they play the game and are  part  of the  larger community, the  ideas  usually end up aligning to a significant degree.
  • CB has no plans  for releasing  further  modeling aid  products  like  bit  packs, extra  heads and  such for  kitbashing/personalizing. They  tried  it on a small scale with the tournament  packs and  it didn’t seem like a good  focus  of time/effort.
  • Operation Icestorm met their expectations in a big way, and they are currently working  on another big two-faction box in the same  mold. Zipped lips  on which factions will show up. (While this video was being edited, we  learned that  it’s gonna be Yu Jing and Haqqislam!)
  • Bigger releases should stick to the formula  of focusing on specific Sectorials for a  while yet, to fill out  factions with better  options.
  • Vedic ALEPH should get a  big boost  in the coming book; Vedic sectorial confirmed to have  made the cut for it. Reworking of existing  units and  new  ones. Garuda Tactbot  specifically  mentioned as  one getting a big  overhaul and  new  model.
  • Number  of  models  on the table  is now stable, so no need to fear the game escalating  out  of the skirmish range. The price cuts  of N3 and HS were due to reworking the algorithm that calculates what each stat  is worth points-wise (each CC point  used to cost as  much as each BS point, for  instance).  They are  happy with it now.
  • With Heavy Infantry getting faster across the board  in N3 and such, Medium Infantry are  unofficially  designed to be defensive base-guarding  units/tricky specialists.
  • The recent-edition boost to Haqqislam doctors  was  meant to make them as good at their  hat (biomedical stuff) as Nomads are at theirs (hacking).  Making sure each faction has a strong  identity but retains the capabilities to do almost everything  on the board  is a big  concern.
  • Toughest rule to balance so far was the whole Impetuous thing. Everything that  has to do with movement, forced  or  otherwise, is  usually  harder to balance. Even other stuff that seems tricky, like Impersonator, is easy in comparison.


That’s all for now Infinity fans.


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